Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tote Bag Swap for Mid-Atlantic Mod!

In the midst of packing more than a quarter of my stash (legit) and various other sewing things, I finished my tote bag for the swap this Saturday night! Thanks to Robert Kaufman for donating the Essex Linen - it's a dream to work with and I'll definitely be purchasing some in the future. :)

The color palette is based on something I myself would want to carry around: clean, fresh, mature, a bit improv-y (and yes, it gave me a chance to work with some nice purples :) ). I used fusible fleece (LOVE that stuff) and quilted in random straight/wavy lines.

I followed the Scraptastic Tote tutorial by Don't Call Me Betsy for the most part; I made up my own patchwork design. It was a good tutorial but unclear at times for people who are beginner bag makers (like, I didn't know where to sew my straps on, and kept messing it up):

They disappeared here. Lesson learned: they go between the layers. :)

I included a little surprise in my bag for whoever receives it!

See you in Lancaster! I'll definitely blog at least once, and you'll definitely be able to catch up with me more-so on Instagram (@quiltyhabit) all weekend!


  1. Hurray your bag looks great! I do love the linen with those colors. I'm sure you will have an awesome weekend! Can't wait to see all the awesome things you'll be working on.

  2. What a great bag--the recipient will be so pleased. I'm looking forward to the weekend posts.

  3. It was fun meeting you today! I think that's the first time anyone has recognized my blog by name outside my family.


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