Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sewing over Break

Well, I got a lot done this weekend, but I can't talk about a few things because they are presents for people! I will post pictures when they finally get them in the upcoming month. I can say that I plan to but fabric today to make superhero capes for two of my future nieces (check out this excellent tutorial from Puking Pastilles). I'm planning a whole post on that when I'm done! I'm also looking forward to starting my house block in the next couple of weeks (go here to Beth's blog, Love Laugh Quilt, for more on this). I have to admit, though, I REALLY miss making a real quilt! I just don't have time right now! But after Christmas sewing is done, I plan on starting at least one quilt over break. One for ME! In PURPLE! :)
Because I can't really reveal too much from this weekend, I'll show what I can:

Mug rugs for my grandparents (they love these colors). They loved them - they got them at our "thankshanukkah" celebration last Thursday.

I love quilting hearts :) I get better every time! Oh, and did I mention how much I love making mug rugs? Haha. Quick and easy, and a great gift.

Then, I finished my mom's hanging for over the oven, but I didn't put ribbon on it yet to hang. I'll show a final picture when I do that next time I'm home. Sorry for the dark and slightly blurry photo!

Then, I actually cleaned my quilting area. Before and after:

Okay, it might not look too different, but it did to me!!!

Look at all these fat quarters! I love collecting them, I can't help it.

I made selvage and scrap baskets, too.

I'm proud of organization! And I hate holding back on posting some pictures! Good luck on Christmas sewing/shopping/whatever you are doing, and I'll post again soon! First, I have to deal with the last two weeks of classes and classes... ughhhh... so much work to do!
I will probably post before that's all over though :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Gobbleday!

...or so says my fiance. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'm going to my cousins' house for Thankshanukkah tomorrow - we are being forced to combine the two holidays because 3 out of 5 children, including me, will have to be at college during Hanukkah. It should be... interesting, in the least :)

I've been hard at work on gifts the past couple of days. And reorganizing my quilting area! I was going to post a teaser but Blogger won't let me upload photos... more to come later this weekend! Also, have fun shopping Black Friday... I'm going for the online fabric deals!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dresden Ruler and Two Fabric Giveaways

Sorry I have not updated in a while. I finished up my very short stint as an AP US History teacher, and I was in the hospital two days ago for a kidney stone, which I'm still dealing with =/ First time I've been rushed to the hospital for anything, and I was alone for that part, first time for an IV - and if you look at the quote on the right side of my blog, you will see how much I love needles =/ Needles for drawing blood, that is. They did that, too.

Since I was forced to come home from college this weekend, I thought I would get some sewing done - and I have a lot to do. I haven't yet... maybe later in the day. And if I do, I'll post about it because I'll be excited :)

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered a Dresden Ruler from Amy at Amy's Creative Side - I can't wait to try it out! And she even included two pieces of fabric with my order! How sweet! Thank you so much, Amy!!

Over at Strandz, Allison is giving away a gorgeous charm pack! I LOVE the quilt she made with that fabric.

And over at Retro Mummy, Corrie is giving away 14 fat quarters to 3 readers! WOW!

Go enter! And have a great weekend :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fabric Wishlist

At Above All Fabric, there's a FANtastic giveaway! Three random winners who make a wishlist from their shop and blog about it can win gift cards to the shop: $100, $50, and $25. I went a little crazy - I really love "window shopping" for fabric online - which often gets me into trouble.

I really really really would love some Innocent Crush this December. I gave my mom a link to a layer cake on etsy, but I don't think she is buying it :( Oh well. I especially like this fabric:

and the roses, but they don't have them. That's okay though!

I also love fat quarter packs, and if they are purple, that's an extra bonus.

Finally, I love the Summer Song Line. Stripes and trees, and summery colors. Can you tell I'm getting upset already that it's almost winter?

Well, I could always just use a gift card/ gift certificate too ;)

Today is one of those rainy days - I would much rather (much much) be sitting in my dining room with my sewing seat than here in the library writing a paper. Sigh.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Day of Mug Rugs

Successful Saturday. I spent most of the time I was awake with my sewing machine, and I'm very happy with the results! First, fabric in the mail (cue squeals):

Also, I think I'm officially addicted to making mug rugs. They are like mini quilts, and you can personalize them, and do whatever you want with them, really! I've even seen some with pockets for utensils. Maybe I'll get there, but these were my first (and I still need to learn how to do binding - that's a winter break goal for sure), but, just so I wouldn't mess it up, I did these flipped inside out without binding.

The first is for my mom's birthday - I already showed her, and she was so happy, she told me to go put it next to the computer for her mug/cup tomorrow morning. She loves brown and blue.

I sewed a patch on the back that says "Happy 48th (38th) birthday, mom! Love, Jess" and the date, but I forgot to take a picture.

The second is a slightly late birthday present for my friend Stef. She LOVES pink, and hearts, so I personalized it a bit with quilted and appliqued hearts :)

I'm still working on this one. It was going to be for my mom, and it might still be, but I'm not sure. I also started making black, red, and white ones for my grandparents for Hanukkah.

Also, if you've made it to the bottom of this long post, thanks and congrats =P One more thing - I call alumni at my college, and when taking someone's email down today, I realized it had the word "quilter" in it, and we ended up having a ten minute conversation about quilting! It was so nice to talk to someone friendly - and someone who knew just how addictive fabric and sewing is!

If this weekend taught me anything, it's that I am itching to sew more than ever. Thanksgiving break is next, and then three weeks of winter break - I can't wait.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Home and Four Awesome Giveaways!

Now I'm home and loving it. I watched The Nightmare Before Christmas with my sister and mom - a week after Halloween, but it's between that and Christmas, so it counts!

I'm getting up "early" tomorrow (9 am) to do some sewing! I plan on sitting at my machine for at least four hours tomorrow, hopefully more. I'll make another post with my progress and the fabric that arrived in the mail for me... :)

Anyway, another reason I'm posting tonight is to share four great giveaways!

The first is at Lavender Ridge, where you can with the AccuQuilt GO! and 3 dies! Chances are small because most likely there will be, like, 500 comments by the time it's over - because EVERYONE wants to win a GO!, but enter anyway! You never know...

The second is at Mariliz's Musings - she's giving away a Freebird charm pack! Such a pretty line.

The third is from That's Sew Shawna, who is giving away the winner's choice of a Pure layer cake or jelly roll! How generous!

And the fourth, last but not least, is from Little Miss Shabby, who is giving away a GORGEOUS fat quarter stack of Summer in the City!

Aaaaand, I'm going to bed. Goodnight. :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

This Weekend and a Giveaway

I'm heading home tomorrow to spend some quality time with my sewing machine, fiance, and sister (maybe in that order, I'm not sure yet)! Can't wait! I'll be posting about my sewing progress on Sunday. I know this is a short post but I need to get some homework done right now... college stinks.

Before I go, though, there's a giveaway over at Shellie Sews... she is relatively new to blogland just like me, and she's giving away a pattern for the most adorable skirt, and the fabric to make it!


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