Wednesday, April 9, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Whoops. I didn't blog at Mid-Atlantic Mod! Every time it popped into my mind, I thought I'd rather socialize more with people I don't see often/had just met, and/or sew more. I'll have a recap of the whole weekend up this week! It was an awesome weekend overall and I CAN'T WAIT until next year.

I'm actually really impressed with how much I got done at the retreat. I nearly finished the second border of my medallion quilt. The Anna Maria Horner feathers are one of my favorite patterns but they *can* take forever (like, all day Thursday). I'm just waiting for inspiration to hit for small corner blocks. What do you think? Bear paw? Churn dash? Something else? I'm all ears.

I finished some cute coasters for last night's CJMQG Radiant Orchid Swap Challenge! I just sewed together a bunch of scraps from "Plumes of Orchid" and cut them down to coaster size. Super relaxing.

I got a really cute drawstring bag from Christina in the swap, and Amy made me this awesome glasses case! Thanks ladies, I love love love them!

Finally, I started quilting the Botanics Challenge quilt. It has been really relaxing but I haven't been able to squeeze in much quilting time the last couple of days, with work and planning the guild meeting. I can't wait to share more about my quilting designs. I'm using a variety of Aurifil grays for the low volume parts and tree trunks, while the actual trees will get their own Connecting Threads colors.

I still have to unpack all of this:

Womp womp. What are you up to on this lovely Wednesday? So excited that it's going to be about 60 degrees all week!


  1. The medallion looks awesome! The feathers are a gorgeous addition and I think churn dash blocks would be great!

  2. Churn dashes would be perfect in the corners! Echo the shape of the center and all that. And I still haven't unpacked from my retreat nearly a month ago.... :D

  3. Oh what a fun quilt. Beautiful! I like you're ideas for the corner blocks, all would be pretty. Maybe string blocks would look pretty because they would sort of mimic the feathers.

  4. Love those feathers incorporated into the medallion quilt- and yes, do they ever take forever! But their impact makes them worth it...

  5. Perhaps Roman Stripe (or Sunshine & Shadow) blocks for the corners. . . . black for the solid corner & all the brights for the other side?

    Whatever you choose I am sure it will be great ---- I'm loving watching the quilt come together.

  6. Love the feathers on your quilt, definitely worth the effort. And your coasters are really cute, looks like a fun project!

  7. That medallion top is looking awesome! And great quilting on the botanics quilt, too :)

  8. I can't wait for your #midatlantic mod recap, I should probably do one myself... but I'm still trying to just get caught up at work, lol! Your medallion looks so lovely I'm so glad I got to see it (and the botanics quilt) in person. It was great meeting and hanging out with you!!! And I can't wait to see you again! ::hugs::


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