Monday, March 31, 2014

March Goal Complete and FAL Quarter 1 Finishes

This March, I set a pretty easy goal for myself - commit to a design/fabric choices and sew together my central medallion. I've been talking about it around here a lot. Because I finished it and added the next border, here's what it currently looks like:

I wanted to balance out all the low volume with the gray Violet Craft birds, one of my favorite prints ever. Next is AMH feathers with AMH fabrics and solids! I'm having fabric-choosing-anxiety.

Also, Quarter 1 of the Finish-A-Long at The Littlest Thistle has actually come to an end already (hard to believe). Out of my 6 goals, I completed a whopping 2 quilts (lol). However, I finished a lot of other projects in the first 3 months of this year and I'm pretty happy about that! Plus, that just means I'll have more to finish for the 2nd Quarter, right?

Are you happy with your sewing this year so far? Have you done too much (I've gotten into funks about spending too much time sewing) or too little (also a funk I'm familiar with)? Or, are you just enjoying yourself? (I'm inclined to think I'm in the last group right now!).


  1. Currently in a too little funk. Must get that sorted out :-)
    I dint think I've mentioned yet how much I like your orchid quilt. It's has a happy purple going on and I really like it.
    E xx

  2. Oh the color picking anxiety! It's so bad for a medallion quilt! The quilt I have planned is only two colors...still worried about which fabrics to use where, haha. Remarkably I'm still on schedule with all my sewing, even with adding the traveling quilts and a birthday bee to my plate--mostly thanks to that friend helping with the charity quilt.


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