Saturday, April 19, 2014

Saturday Sewing

I found myself with a bit of free time today, so I checked out my list of to-dos for quilting (there are a lot)... and decided I was in the mood for some improv curve play. I used a tutorial from Sew Take a Hike to start.

This fabric is for the Michael Miller MQG Challenge - Michael Miller generously supplied all participating Modern Quilt Guild members with fat eighths of their Petal Pinwheels line. It's springy and fits with many different solids. I'm also one to stretch a solid's color (as in: yes, this is close enough), so I'm not that reliable. :D

The challenge isn't due until June, but I want to have it completed for the June meeting. Guilds can compete in challenges on their own, so our guild's challenge is curves. I'm anxious to see what people come up with. Read: you don't HAVE to do curves, CJMQGers, unless you want to! BTW: the 3 winners win fabric for a whole. year. That's a good enough reason to enter for me! Well, just for the fun of it, too!

Overall, I have a very vague idea where this is going, but I'm loving that. It's odd because I'm a planner and a person who likes consistency. I think I'll be playing quilt-hop all day and working on a bunch of different projects. Later, I'll spend some time with the husband: out to dinner, probably some How I Met Your Mother (we're marathoning the whole thing; I've seen it but he hasn't, and we're in the middle of Season 2), and some dessert baking for tomorrow (strawberry chocolate pie - our first try).

P.S. This is one reason I'm going to stick around blogging. You can't say all that on Instagram, as awesome as IG is!^^ 

What are you sewing? Happy Easter!


  1. LOL!!! Instagram does have it's limits ;o) I now want to watch HIMYM from the beginning! Thank you for linking up to SEWjo Saturday!

  2. Wow! That is a great prize for the winners. Looks like some fun springy fabric.

  3. Love the curves! They are definitely addicting :). I can't wait to see what this turns into... Fabric for a year would be amazing!!! Happy easter friend, save me some of that pie lol!

  4. Love what you're doing with those! My husband and I started watching HIMYM (and we literally say him-yim now) a while ago, and then we switched from Netflix to Amazon Prime, which didn't have it. Well now they have it and we are finally catching up! We're just getting into season 4. We saw NPH at the NM state fair a couple of years ago with his husband and kiddos, it was super cute. I finally! finished the Pumbaa block and I am so done with piecing right now. Four PP blocks in a row is too many! Maybe some improve or a bag or something...hmmm...

  5. wow - winning fabric for a whole year sounds amazing. Good luck!

  6. Such a bright cheery fabric to work with. curves would be a challenge too for me anyhow. I have not tackled them. Best of luck to you...they are looking good this far!

    Let us know how your strawberry chocolate pie turns out; )

  7. Love the curves, Jess! Looking good. And happy Easter to you and yours!

  8. Yours is the second post I've seen about the challenge - looks so fun!! I am loving the prints form the line. Can't wait to see what you make : )


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