Thursday, April 24, 2014

The medallion grows

I've been doing a lot of "secret sewing" for friends lately, so those pictures/explanations will have to wait. I haven't been totally unproductive with selfish sewing, though!

When it's time to add another border, I always stall a bit. Since this medallion is entirely my own design, it gives me way (way) too many options (Pinterest is a blessing and a curse). It also invites a fair share of quilty math, something no amount of blog reading or practice will probably ever get me to love (sorry!).

First, I sewed on a border of Anna Maria Horner's Social Climber in Teal, specked with my all-time favorite print from Kate Spain's Terrain. The roses are supposed to be radiating out from the center. Now there's only scraps of each of these fabrics left ( :( ) but at least I'm keeping this quilt forever, right? They were screaming to be used! Plus, very little math was involved. Sew, press, and love.

Next, a large border (the AMH explosion above happened as I paired up fabrics). The plus or cross block became popular with the advent of the Marcelle Medallion by Alexia Abegg; I've known for a long time that they had to be a part of my own medallion quilt. Instead of the outermost patchwork border, though, I made them closer to the center. There are more borders to come here, people!

I've been sneaky about avoiding "the maths" up until the plus border. Mike helped me figure out a ten-inch (finished) block based on Lori H. Design's 5 inch plus block (and no, it's not just doubled! :D). If anyone is interested in the measurements, I'll post them! I feel like I will be using the plus block a LOT in the future - like, for a whole quilt. Bonus points - they are perfect for chain piecing!

 I'm toying with different cornerstones for the border (I really want to try making a 10 inch version of this block).

What block or quilt you are just way too excited about right now?


  1. each addition is more lovely! i'd love to have quilt maths for the 10" plus block and that octagon corner stone would be amazing!

  2. I am loving see this come together! But it seriously makes me want to drop and just work on my planned medallion quilt! First is a commision...which I keep telling myself I will start soon, and then don't...bleh. Hopefully I feel motivated next week!

  3. Great feathers, they work so well here.

  4. I'm not a big fan of math either. This looks like a lot of decisions to be made. This type of quilt would probably take me forever to make. Good luck with yours!

  5. loving following your progress on this. It is beautiful :-)

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  7. This quilt just keeps getting better and better with each new addition!!! I'm hooked right now on paper piecing and trying my hand at creating my own paper pieced blocks! So much fun to play with!!

  8. What a beautiful medallion quilt.


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