Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sunday Stash: Mid-Atlantic Mod Edition

Oh goodness. You've caught me on the day I share my Mid-Atlantic Mod haul. I'm a little embarrassed about how much more fabric I actually brought home. And I brought a LOT of fabric to the retreat because I was trying/failing to make decisions on my medallion. Ah, fabric.

My guild friend Sonia (@soniabegoniasonia on IG) gifted me the sewing machine fabric on the bottom - gah! I need to make something with this very soon! Thank you, friend! <3 Oh and by the way... those purple cathedral windows on the bottom right... I can't handle how awesome they are.

Rachel, Liz, Jess, and I took a trip to Burkholder's, where we discovered not only new fabric (Mormor, anyone?) but also some OOP favorites (Architextures, Terrain, Simply Color, etc.) I really wish Jess and I had taken a picture of our cart because the bolts were just teetering on top. Why I didn't just go get my own is beyond me… or I really just didn’t want to spend any time NOT looking at fabric…

These two pictures are all of my winnings (thanks to Windham Fabrics for the beautiful Lotta Jansdotter "Sylvia" bundle and to the Intrepid Thread for the Alison Glass Lucky Penny FQ!), plus half yards, lots of FQs, and some fat eighths from Burkholder's and The Sassy Tassel. I bought yardage of purple Lecien fabric (bottom, first picture - YUM) to make a top. The Sassy Tassel also had OOP Amy Butler "Love" (which I mostly missed out on because it came out before I was sewing), AMH "Innocent Crush" (clearly there's never too much of that around here) and Joel Dewberry "Modern Meadow." Thanks, Sassy Tassel!

I overloaded on purples (because awesome purples are hard to find [though getting easier to find] and they are my favorites), and low volumes (yes, I finally bought a piece of Catnap!!). I've been going through LVs like crazy since last November when I made Pumpkin Spice Latte. The Botanics quilt ate up a lot too, so I had to shop… right? I can't get over the "8 Days a Week" fabric from Windham at the bottom of the first picture. It's almost as exciting as the Britten Nummer print from Ikea (that is sadly becoming discontinued :( ).

After this, I literally cannot stuff more than maybe 5 half yards more into my fabric cabinet. I'll either need to use a bunch of this fabric en masse or just get more storage… lol?

So, what are you stashing this week?
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  1. Sooo much pretty! Makes me want to go fabric shopping right now...

  2. Yes. Just yes. This was like my retreat weekend, Jess - came home with so much more than I left with even though I used a bunch in projects! I found an amazing new-to-me store and if I didn't have to feed and clothe my children, I think I could've spent half our income for the year in about five minutes : P

  3. So many beautiful fabrics. I can understand why you came home with so much.
    When you purchase fabric and don't really know what it will be used for, how much do you buy?

  4. Stopping by from MS linky Sunday Stash report.

  5. Time for more storage ;-) Love it all!

  6. yum, so many great scores. I definitely don't remember you buying this much, lol. It must have multiplied in your trunk on the way home.

    I ended up buying lots of additional fabric with my discount codes online >.< Gah Ryan is going to kill me, lol


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