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I am taking a teaching and lecturing break for 2019 and until further notice. Thank you for your interest!

I'm a teacher by trade of 7 years; I'd love to meet you and help you make a beautiful quilt, practice a new technique, or advance your sewing skills! I firmly believe that sewing should always be FUN, so I conduct my classes and lectures with that at the forefront of my mind. My goal is that my students and attendees walk away feeling ready to take chances with their sewing. I love to visit guilds, quilt shops, and quilting events 


 "I learned a lot, was reminded why I love modern quilting and was inspired to make something fun all at once. You stayed on topic and moved things along! You conducted yourself very professionally and I would recommend your presentation to anyone wanting to learn more about modern quilting."

"[I liked best the] relaxed way Jessica structured the class - assistance as needed and self-paced. She knows how to teach and understands everyone learns differently. Liked the small group demos." 

"[I liked best] the instructor's style of presentation. I was somewhat intimidated because I have never done any fmq. In fact I never even touched the foot until two days before the class. My interest has been sparked because I feel I can do this!"

"Jessica has lots of enthusiasm and her instructions are clear and simple to understand."

 "You were great at working the crowd. You are very personable and you respect different opinions. You are very tactful and encouraging."

"Positive and very willing to share her knowledge. When she shared a particular technique, she gave credit to the person she learned the technique from [...] I wouldn't change anything."

"Look forward to seeing you again!"

Student Gallery

Student Gallery

Check out the hashtags #quiltyhabitteaches, #orangepeelsandimprov, #waterfallquilt, and #gentleimprovcurves on Instagram for even more photos, and feel free to post your photos there, too! I'd love to see your progress from class!

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