Monday, April 28, 2014

Bag lady

Some may call me a bag lady. I'm always hauling things places; I have five jobs, so there are wardrobe/shoe changes, binders, food, etc. that come along with me. Everything needs to be in a (nice) bag to make it all happen (my philosophy). :) Those who come to CJMQG meetings are witness to me hauling a ton of stuff! Granted, usually one of those bags has a quilt, and you all know how much room they take up. I seriously need to make a huge bag for lugging quilts around!

I'm on my way to creating monsters out of my oldest nieces. Emilee just had a birthday and she asked for a purse... who was I to object? She forgot that she had asked, though, so when she saw the box, she said: "Is it a quilt?!?!" Like I said, I'm creating monsters. ;) I told her she will get one soon - she got one for her last birthday!

The tote bag is made from Let's Eat Grandpa's fabulous  Bloomin' Quilt-As-You-Go (QAYG) tutorial. I've made a pillow using it once before - it's a perfect project for scraps. Be warned though - lots of thread and time are necessary. :)

The back. I swear I pressed it at some point... probably way before I finished the bag.

I hope Emilee loves her new bag! I gave bags to my Maine nieces last year when we visited. It's probably time to come up with a new quilty gift...


  1. Bags make great gifts! Five jobs? How do you do that and still have time for all the quilting you do?

  2. How sweet! She seems to like it. I wish my siblings would have kids already, I'm pretty sure I'd be a kick ass aunty, haha. Or maybe I'd be that strict aunty? I dunno. Either way, the family needs more babies, my kids are gonna be all grown by the time anyone else has some though.

  3. so cute, and your niece looks like such a little diva with her pose :) How adorable!

  4. Such a cute bag and your niece is destined for greatness! So cute!

  5. This is just gorgeous! You are such a bag lady and I am not. I made one in my life and that will be it, LOL!! I just can't get the hand of 3D sewing :-)
    We may have to work out some sort of a trade or something in the near future.....

  6. Love this little bag! I'm with you...can't get enough bags!

  7. Sew adorable! Oh... And the bag is beautiful, too! Looks like a fun project to work on, Jess. I can see how making purses could become addicting!!

  8. Cute! Looks adorable on the model, too ; ) I just used an IKEA tote to bring a quilt to my local store for longarming... the ladies were all gathered around asking how I made such a big handy bag from a plastic tarp lol. You can tell there's no IKEA nearby, huh?


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