Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sunday Stash

What started with needing some fabric (yes, needing) for the Michael Miller Modern Quilt Guild Challenge turned rapidly into a buying spree from The Intrepid Thread. I love that store (I'm not getting anything for saying that, I just really do!). Julie and her team are wonderful, personable, helpful, and generous. I've been buying fabric from the shop since its very beginning.

From the back: there's two colorways of Petal Pinwheel prints (they remind me of cathedral windows) for the challenge, some luscious emerald-and-metallic Botanics, Lizzy House jewels for a current project and for stashing, the purple cats from Catnap (I've been eyeing those up for a while now), a steal of my favorite print from Jeni Baker's Nordika, Violet Craft birds (I can't get away from those - did you hear she's coming out with birds in light purple and metallics?!?), and... those Domino Dots just fell into my cart, you know... :)

By the way, all are half yards (or full yards...). I've been buying half yards for a good year now because, guess what: fat quarters just don't do it for me anymore! I quickly learned that for binding, I always need at least a half yard. Though, let's be honest, most of these aren't destined for binding (possibly the jewels or Domino Dots only). Anyway, that aside, I still use large cuts of fabric... and now it's not all gone when I finish a project. :) For a more thorough and entertaining explanation of my feelings on the subject, you can read Don't Call Me Betsy's break-up with fat quarters. I'm with you on every word, girl.

Julie also generously sponsored Mid-Atlantic Mod with fabric (I got a FQ of Alison Glass in my swag bag! Woo!) and provided a discount code for attendees, so I figured showing some sponsor love was indeed necessary. Thanks, Intrepid Thread, for always having all the pretties! I hope to visit in person someday!

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  1. I almost bought that same blue fabric, haha. I did not know there are metallic Botanics out there! Can't wait to see what yours turn into! I am totally off the fat quarter band wagon too--been buying half yards regularly for quite a while now.

  2. I am with you, I love Julie and her shop!

  3. Metallic Birds are coming?? Ahhh wantwantwant

  4. Nice picks! And I love that you've used them already :). When we do our swap can I steal a fussy cut of those kitties? <3

  5. sounds like a great shop to visit. :)

  6. Definitely I agree with you on the domino dots, such a great blender. Funny about fatquarters, because recently I have gone the other that i have a substantial stash, I have been buying more FQs, because when I buy half and full yards I am so reluctant to cut off a strip or case I need the whole piece for some nebulous future project. So there are arguments on both sides.

  7. So true on the size of cut. So many times I have not had enough of one fabric. Pretty stuff!


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