Sunday, April 13, 2014

FAL List, Quarter 2

 I'm rolling over some projects from last quarter's Finish-A-Long list, and there are a bunch of quilt finishes ahead, hopefully! I can be a bit ambitious when it comes to goals, so we'll see:

1. The second Sister's Ten BOM (my quilt) HAS to get done! I want to take pictures of it with its sister, and enjoy it! Since I'm currently quilting another quilt, I have a sad feeling my quilting mojo might disappear for a little while, but hopefully not too long. In the meantime this beast has to be sashed and backed. Here's a picture of some of the blocks (more than halfway through the sampler).

2. My lantern quilt top is still languishing in the UFO pile from last summer, just waiting to be backed and quilted. Some people from the QAL have finished theirs, and they are amazing! I actually just bought some Good Fortune fabric from Burkholder's to incorporate into the backing. Maybe I'll get this one done. Or maybe it will be for the 3rd Quarter. There are higher priorities on the list. I would like to use it this summer, though...

3. The Botanics Challenge quilt, however, WILL be done by the end of June. The quilting is 3/4ths done at this point. I've been working on it all week and I'm very happy with it. Still not sure how I'm going to bind it, though. Suggestions?


4. Finish my Socialite Dress (AMH pattern). This is in the cutting stages of the muslin - I'm using some AMH voile for the real deal. I keep going in and out about it! I know I can do it...but I just love making quilts so much! Lol!

5. My Michael Miller Challenge piece. Our guild challenge is curves, and I think I'm going for "improv" curves. This is due for our June CJMQG meeting. Since I didn't end up completing the last challenge, and since I'm the president now, I kind of feel obligated to do this one. And the fabrics are pretty.


 ^picture from the MQG site

6. An Ellie Travel Case and pillow cover (and other fun swap goodies) for my quilty friend @sew_into_my_20s (on IG!). We are doing a swap and lemme tell you - excited over here. She's making me a Supertote!! :O Remember what I said about enjoying quilts to much? I figured, one new venture at a time (the dress) so large bag making will have to wait. I'm excited to try the tutorial by my friend Heidi.

7. A pillow cover for another friend - improvy and using some special fabric. Can't show a photo because I want her to be surprised and she sometimes reads my blog. :)

Too ambitious of a large project list? Probably. But I'll try.


  1. I think it sounds doable! Maybe a little crazy, but that's okay :-)

  2. You never know if you can do it unless you try! Good luck and I'll cheer you on!

  3. Nice variety! I like the colors on your No.1 and Botanics challenge quilt looks really interesting too. Good luck and have fun!

  4. I've always loved your Sisters' Ten Blocks! Can't wait to see how you finish it!

  5. For binding the Botanics quilt, I have a couple of thoughts: 1) Teal, or a mix of teals. 2) Orange, or a mix of oranges. 3) a mix of all the colorful fabrics in the quilt -- teal, orange, yellow, blue, green -- maybe with a small strip of white or gray between each color change.

    Everything looks so nice. I love that rose fabric on the top left in the last picture!

  6. I would bind in a the black and white minialist

  7. I looooove the color scheme of your BOM blocks, it's so striking on the solid gray. Also, can't wait to see the botanics finish!!!!

  8. Love your Sisters Ten and can't wait to see your travel case!


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