Sunday, June 2, 2013

Weekend stash and mail time

I treated myself recently (after my first big paycheck :D) to a stack of half yards and yard cuts of cool-colored Anna Maria Horner prints from Hawthorne Threads - in preparation for my AMH quilt (still working on the details). Right now, I'm planning on doing it with a lot of color play, with some of my favorite modern quilt blocks. As a result... I REALLY needed more blues and greens (and you know me with purple fabric- it's just not worth the battle). I've been lusting after hoping to acquire some of these prints for a long time.

I've only been buying in half yards (or more) because even if I make a quilt, I want to have some extra. These are some of my favorite fabrics ever - and I just can't get enough of the X and O's print. I have it in 5 colorways! It makes fabulous binding :)

 All of my AMH fabrics - and this is without the scraps I have. I can't wait to start this!!

Speaking of color play, I'll soon be posting about Color Harmony as part of my friend Jess's "Color Theory For Quilters" series - you can check out her blog post here for all the details! I've been working on my post and I'm stoked! Maybe I'll even have the plan done for this new quilt by then? (Idealism at its finest.)

Plus, I received some very happy mail all the way from Morocco! I was lucky enough to win Annabella's SMS giveaway of her Chicopee and low volume pillow, which was recently featured in Fat Quarterly. I'm totally stoked to have it on my couch - it's gorgeous! I used an old pillow we had to fill it for now. It's not exact (this pillow cover is huge - 22 x 22!) but it works for now and it's comfy! Thank you SO much, Annabella! :D

I used it last night as Mike and I watched the first episode of Sherlock. Do I smell another fandom to be added to the fandom embroidery wall? Maybe I should finish my TARDIS embroidery first... so many projects, so little time.

Be back this week with my June goal and some more projects to share! Have a wonderful rest of the weekend :)

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  1. Lovely fabrics and how lucky are you to win that cushion. I thought I recognised it, I've been eyeing it up in Fat Quarterly!

  2. Yea - so glad it arrived safely - it looks very at home! Your AMH quilt is going to be beautiful. Thanks for linking up!

  3. Oooh what gorgeous fabrics. Can't wait to see what you come up with. And wow lucky you winning that wonderful cushion!

  4. Your AMH quilt is going to be gorgeous!

  5. Wonderful stash! How fun to have such a treasure (the pillow)!

  6. Jess, yes, yes, and yes to all that AMH. I just recently got some Totem in grapefruit and I'm already itching to buy more to hoard it. I hadn't thought of the XOs as binding - great idea! I can't wait to see what you do with the AMH fabrics, I'm sure it will be gorgeous. As a lover of Chicopee I'm especially jealous of your pillow. Guess I have to make myself one! :) Have a great week!

    PS. I love that you also celebrate a good paycheck with fabric. Best reward ever.

  7. Oooh, you are in for a treat. Sherlock is fantastic...although, I like Watson better than Sherlock.

  8. Wow great fabrics will make a fab quilt. Thanks for the tip about the binding fabric. Dead jealous you got Annabella's cushion but it looks great in it's new home!

  9. Congratulations on the additions to your stash. Brilliant way to use that paycheck. I am enjoying all your posts and your wild enthusiasm for tackling multiple projects. You're an inspiration!

  10. If I see some of that feather print tomorrow while in Raleigh I am buying it!! hehehe good for you to buy some fabric with your first paycheck..I know I would;)

  11. Sherlock is brilliant, as is your lovely AMH stash :-)


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