Saturday, June 8, 2013

June Sisters' Ten BOM Blocks

This weekend is actually pretty empty (unlike next weekend). Unfortunately, I have a ton of work (not really being dramatic - it probably weighs a ton) to do for school next week, and for a demo lesson (!!!!) on Monday, but in between, I realized I really needed to relax. I didn't sew as much the last week and, when I got up this morning, I just NEEDED TO PIECE SOMETHING TOGETHER. In comes June's Sisters' Ten BOM block - Contrary Wife.

Isn't it sad that "sleeping in" is now 8:30 am? Lol. I'm so used to getting up early and I just can't sleep late anymore!

I made the next block later in the day, after a shopping date with my mom and a bit more schoolwork. The blocks came together SUPER easily and were much less time consuming than Aprils' - but I loved putting together the colors for them! Ahhh - I can't wait to see this quilt come together!

This weekend, I'm also working on my post for Jess's Color Theory for Quilters Series, and filling out my form for the Modernista Homemade swap (signups for the bedroom swap are up!).  I'm waiting for the background fabric for my lantern quilt. I also have a bit of secret embroidery going on for a tutorial to be posted soon. What are you up to?


  1. Jess! Super cute fussy cuts. I still haven't made my May blocks. I do terribly with deadlines :( I think I'm too ADD for QALs. :)

  2. Did you so the giveaway from Hawthorne Threads this week?? AMH Field Study!

    Yeah sleeping in is??? The other day I slept in until 9----9! That is EXTREMELY not me. Usually it is 7:00-7:30ish.

    Luscious colors in those blocks!

  3. Your blocks look great - lovely colours!

  4. Love how those colours play off the AMH field study one in the centre there.

  5. Ooooh I am jealous of your Good Folks. (I heard AMH is reprinting Square Dance, but I'm crossing my fingers that she will reprint Good Folks.)

    My first quilt was full of Walmart MUSLIN. Live and learn. ;)

  6. Nice blocks! I have been so neglectful of my Sister's Ten blocks - hoping to catch up pretty soon and your blocks are the perfect inspiration to get going! :)

  7. I love the fabrics you are using for your blocks :) I'm doing the Sisters Ten BOM too, but I haven't made my June blocks yet.

  8. Your sisters ten blocks look so warm and luscious.

    You just wait until you have a toddler, when sleeping in is 7:15 ... It was 5:30 this morning.

  9. Love your blocks! Sometimes you really just need to sew something. So therapeutic :)


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