Friday, May 31, 2013

June Fresh Sewing Day

Is it really JUNE? Is the year really already half over? Somebody pinch me. I'm very happy with all the quilts I've been making though! I've done at least one a month (this month was two mini quilts, so that counts as a whole quilt, right?) Plus, I actually successfully made my laptop sleeve, and that makes me happy every single day :)

1. "Fruit Punch" mini quilt, 2. AMH Laptop Sleeve, 3. May BOM block, 4. "Bon Chance" Mini Quilt, 5. "Siriusly", 6. AMH Laptop Sleeve

(The Harry Potter embroidery hoop was originally made last year for my sister, but I added the stars to it :) )

May was super busy with the job but I really did get a lot of sewing done. One way I've been (successfully, luckily) managing stress is by sewing at least for a half hour a night, and it works WONDERS.

As readers know, I've been constantly quilting my wedding quilt - my longest standing WIP. I'm not yet sure if I'm making that my June goal. After school winds down (another two weeks of hardcore lesson planning and grading), I think I'll have a lot of time to finish a UFO. That's for another post, though :) Not looking forward to it being in the 80s/90s all the time, like this week... what happened to spring in NJ? :(

So, what did you accomplish in May?


  1. Lovely colours in your mosaic Jess!

  2. Fun! I love the fruit punch mini!

  3. I have been slacking - I bought a HP embroidery pattern to make for my sister a while back. I thought I'd use the metallic thread to make it more "magical" and ugh - I hate working with it. So obviously, I just dont lol. Need to get back into it though - hate UFOs just lying around. And that laptop sleeve - it's making me seriously consider buying that linen fabric (although I've been trying to curb my purchases) and by seriously considering, I mean to say it's in my shopping cart...LOVE that sleeve!

  4. Wow, lovely stuff! That laptop case would make me happy every day too!

  5. You've had some wonderful finishes this month, which is fantastic as I know how time consuming being a teacher is! (I used to teach before having a career break to have my children) Your laptop case is fabulous, and I love the colours in your mini quilt. :-)

  6. You actually have four more weeks before we hit the half way mark. More time to work on that quilt than you thought.


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