Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Traumatized by the jelly roll

I just pulled apart my first jelly roll, in the name of Kate Spain (the blog hop has started! Have you heard!?)

I've been putting together an image in my head for a while - of a quilt perfect for my Good Fortune jelly roll. Have I ever mentioned how much I love Kate Spain's fabrics? It's so nice to see the jelly roll wrapped up neatly... until you untie it :( Seriously, I might have let out a whimper.

 (Sneak peek of another project in the foreground!)

However, I got the creative juices flowing and sketched out my quilt top. Can you guess what I'm making?

This quilt top will be my main June goal! Don't you just love starting new projects when you have 1.5 million other things to do? I do :)

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  1. Jelly rolls are so pretty before you unwrap them. The first time I unwrapped one, I was surprised by the amount of lint that shed all over me and just about every surface! Enjoy the creative process!

  2. I've yet to make a jelly roll quilt so can't wait to see what you do! You can't go wrong with Kate Spain :)

  3. I used this jelly roll to make a wedding quilt for an old friend - I thought the name might bring them luck! :) Good luck with your quilt!

  4. LOVE Kate Spain fabrics!! I'm sure your quilt will be fantastic!

    -Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  5. I have a few jelly rolls, but have yet to unwrap one! Someday! :)

  6. I was surprised at how much prep work (cutting off selvages and confirming the strips were straight) was involved in working with a jelly roll. I'm not sure (my limited sewing time's perspective) they are worth it!

  7. Your quilt sketch looks like a one of a kind pattern or no? Either way looks great!

  8. Ooh! Chinese lanterns? This will be awesome!

  9. I heard it whimper! Even the photo made me tear up. It looks great. I so can't wait to see what comes of this lovely. I've yet to open my Kate Spain jelly roll. . lalalalala


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