Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My husband, the quilt expert

Me, sewing my Madrona Road mini quilt: How does this look? Should I add a white stripe, or stick with black? I feel like that's too plain.
Husband: *shrugs* You always say that. I like the black.
Me: Alllllright.
Husband: Let's watch Doctor Who and eat Oreos.

And so they did.


  1. Awww! I need an older guy(cause Im way older than you) who would watch Doctor Who and eat Oreos with me. I need to get my Madrona Road challenge quilt started.

  2. Ha! Stephen usually gives me a look when I ask him about something sewing related, and then every now and then he'll throw out something really insightful. Plus, he's helped me baste a lot of quilts, so I guess I can't be too aggravated when he throws pillows at me instead of answering my questions :)

  3. Tee-hee! Husbands who love and support us are just what we need!

  4. I love it! That definitely sounds like my boyfriend, too! :)

  5. My hubby is really good with helping me on colors surprisingly:) I am blessed!

    This is such a cute little post with a sneak peak---- Reality of a Quilters Life----hey that could be a SHOW!! lol


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