Sunday, January 6, 2013

January Goal... ready, set, go!

I've been invited, tempted, and finally just given into joining the Lovely Year of Finishes with Melissa and Shanna (join us?), and my friend Lynne's Year of the Finished Project. It's a worthy cause - set a goal, work on it, and finish at the end of the month. I need to set goals and follow through - something I'll be blogging about more this week.

A Lovely Year of Finishes 

Never Too Hot to Stitch!

My goal for January is to get a quilt top out of my strip blocks. This is the quilt I'm writing a tutorial for, so I would like to get it done this winter! The blocks are almost all finished, so the rest should be fairly simple... but we'll see if I can do it WHILE writing a pattern for another quilt. It's on. :)

Short post for today - it's been a busy day! And a sad one - another quilt given away. :( But I assured my niece that I'm glad it's going to a special home.

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  1. Good luck! Looks like it will be a fun quilt. Thank you for linking up!

  2. Enjoy the Linky party -- you are also welcome to join mine 2013: the Year of The Finished Project (monthly)

  3. Oh I love the sneak peek! Can't wait to see it put together :o)


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