Tuesday, January 8, 2013

"Butterflies for Emilee" - A Finished Quilt

"Focus" is my word for the year. Some people make resolutions, but I think one word works better for me. I was inspired by other people in blogland to think of a word that fit my goals.

"Butterflies for Emilee"
Focusing on one quilt at a time (okay, unless it's a BOM, right? :) ). Focusing on FINISHING one project at a time. Focusing on the gym when I'm there. Focusing if/when I get my new job. I've always been good at making goals for myself, but sometimes I'm too ambitious - it's time to be honest with myself and make every moment count with something productive.

"Butterflies for Emilee" close up
I focused on finishing this butterfly quilt over winter break. Before Christmas, these blocks were just half square triangles (mind you, badly cut HSTs from when I wasn't being as careful) so I had some fixing and a lot of piecing to do.

Close up butterfly2
This butterfly block came from a brainchild I had about a year ago... about how HSTs could make a butterfly. There have been some really great butterfly quilts and blocks in the last year (Nero's Post and PatchRed Pepper Quilts), and I was inspired to continue working when I saw them (though other things got in the way, as they so often do!).

Close up butterfly 3
This one is my favorite butterfly :)
 I purchased Cocoon fabrics from the Intrepid Thread a few months ago because my now 5-year-old niece loves butterflies, pink, and purple. Plus, I took the extra time to embroider the antennae onto each one - I love the look up close, so it was worth it!

Close up butterfly

She was very taken with the pretty Cocoon butterfly fabric on the back, and the extra butterfly. The blue fabric is a pretty butterfly-filled vintage sheet that I received in the traveling stash once - I knew the right project would come along.

Back -  "Butterflies for Emilee"
Pink binding, of course!

Binding  - "Butterflies for Emilee"
I named it "Butterflies for Emilee" a la "Ladybugs for Bailey," and gave it to her just in time for her birthday. She loved it!! Now, all four nieces have quilts. Thank goodness. I guess it's time to make the youngest one another though, since hers was made for a newborn.

Happy niece! :)
The color scheme was right up my alley, so it was hard to let go of this one. I'm pretty sure that if/when I have a daughter someday, she will be getting a butterfly quilt. Oh, and fair warning, it's safe to say almost every project I do this year will have some Pearl Bracelet in it. All hail Lizzy House :)
P.S. A butterfly block tutorial is to come this spring, so stay tuned.
P.S.S. Thanks for all of your feedback on the BOM color - the votes are in, and I agree - medium grey wins!

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  1. That is such a cool design! I would never have thought butterflies from HSTs - so clever! Totally can't get enough pearl bracelets either ;o)

  2. That is such a beautiful quilt:)

  3. I can relate -- I chose "focus" as my 'watch word' in the second half of 2012 when I was overwhelmed by the number of UFOs/WiPs I had. I don't have a "to do" list, I have a focus list. On it I write the next step of the projects which have my focus at the moment and am practising ignoring everything else!

  4. Beautiful. Lovin' the 'feelers'.

    Thanks for the peek ~ Mary

  5. Cool quilt, Emilee certainly looks delighted.

  6. What a lovely design, and you can see that your niece really loves it :)

  7. What a great quilt, Jess! I love that it is a design of your own.


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