Saturday, January 12, 2013

A no-sew week

Pretty much every day this week, I got home from work and tried to sew. I really did! One day, decided to try turned edge applique for the tutorial I'm writing. Realized I need spray starch to continue... which I need to buy when I get to the grocery store.

Then, I decided what I wanted to do for the Madrona Road challenge - halfway through cutting fabric and pattern, scratched that. On second thought several days later... might try again.

Time to try a BOM block. Maybe sewing just wasn't in the cards this week! Has that ever happened to you?

I leave you with pictures of the iPad cover I made for the CJMQG's Secret Quilter swap last week. Funny story - I got the name of the president (and my friend) Jessica in December. I was SO excited, because she had told us about possibly getting an iPad for Christmas - I was going to make her a linen and Anna Maria Horner cover.

Then, there was a miscount, so we had to turn our names back in and redraw. I obviously didn't get her (though, I found out later one member got the same person both times! How's that for odds?). So, I emailed her later and told her that I HAD had her, and what I was going to make.

THEN, two weeks later, she emailed all of us with more details for the swap, and announced that one member had dropped out. So, the person who had her now had Jess. I read the email and thought, "don't I have that person?" And I did. So I had Jess again. Needless to say, I was more than excited to give her the swap package and tell the story at the January meeting.

I followed this great Freckled Whimsy tutorial, but altered the patchwork design to make my own improv block. I included Jess's favorite colors mentioned on her sheet: some chartreuse, purple, gray, and red. I also quilted both sides with purple, gray, and green thread. I suggest cutting for an oversized pouch as KarrieLyne suggests - mine fit perfectly with just enough room to spare! Also, I used fusible fleece on the inside to give it some shape and stability (and to protect the iPad). This was my first iPad cover, and it was super quick and easy! Kind of wish I had one myself so I had an excuse to make another :)

Fabrics used: picks from Anna Maria Horner's Field Study, Loulouthi, and Innocent Crush,  Robert Kaufman's Metro Living Circles, Ty Pennington's Impressions, Essex Linen in Natural.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. What a strange story! It was obviously meant to be!

  2. That's a funny story. I feel you, work can be so tiring at times.

  3. I'm glad it all worked out in the end - such a great pouch!

  4. Same thing happened to me this past week, including the weekend. I had plans to finish two baby quilt tops on Sunday, but then a friend called at 10am that morning and asked if I could come over because she was sick and needed help with her 4-month-old.


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