Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A day of sewing

I think every month I should make sure there's an entire day of sewing. Like, an uninterrupted 12 hours or so - well, okay, there was food in there, also an episode of Doctor Who with Mike, and I browsed fabric for at least an hour - but overall, I got so much done that it was quite freeing!

Heroes Helping Heroes block for my wonderful friend Val - wonky improv circle. I contributed last year and was eager to again. This is the first time I had done an improv circle and I'm obsessed (she has a great tutorial here)! Though, if I ever make blocks this size again, I'll need to get some big cuts of solids. I have a lot of fat quarters and luckily, just enough yardage to get by with the biggest parts! I dedicated mine to all those women who have suffered or are suffering from breast cancer (the pinks were intentional). You can see the other blocks in the flickr group. I can't wait to see the finished quilt!

January Sister's Ten BOM block (Grandmother's Frame). My HSTs are getting so much better! Sorry the lighting is bad - I took the picture at night and even Picasa couldn't fix it. I'm using some of my favorite fabrics in this quilt and can't even convey my excitement. More soon!

Thanks so much for all of your feedback on my snowflake strip quilt. It was hard at first to decide, and then more and more people said that no sashing would be better. However, looking at it again, I remembered my original intent for this quilt - SNOWFLAKES. And to me, the snowflakes need to be separated, at least a little bit. But, I'm still deciding, haha - because I sewed on a thin sashing but not I'm not sure if I like it. So, the seam ripper might be my best friend today. We'll see. I'll make a decision soon and take your comments into account! It's my January goal and it needs to get done!

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  1. Love, love, love what you are working on!!

  2. I can browse for fabric all day. Really bad. Reeally. lol

    The wonky circle block is bright and fun:)

    Maybe that snowflake quilt will stop being so fussy soon right?! You'll get there eventually;)

  3. Love those blocks.
    Perhaps it's the colour of the sashing, not the sashing itself? Just a thought.

  4. I'm trying to resist that BOM but I'm not sure I can hold out - love your Jan block!

  5. Neat block! I'm not allowing myself to join BOM until I get some UFOs done.

  6. Nice blocks! Like the improv one especially.

  7. I love what you're working on, especially the first one!


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