Thursday, January 31, 2013

Anyone have Low Volume Scraps and willing to trade?

My design for the Emerald Challenge requires some low volume scraps in the background (here's a post from Lily's Quilts about low volume fabrics). I'm looking for gray and/or white (you can see some of the fabrics I'm using in the background of this picture).

Sneak peek...

Does anyone have some low volume white/gray scraps they'd be willing to trade (solids included, text prints if you have any, etc.)? If there's a color your short in, I'd be happy to send you some scraps, too. I'm looking for scraps 2 inches and up for this mini quilt. Please leave a comment if interested - thanks!



  1. Sorry I can't help but I wish you luck!

  2. I just used up most of mine on bee blocks sorry. Best of luck!

  3. hmmm............... I will look for you later today:)


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