Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Gigantic Fall Wedding DIY Post, Part 2: Accessories

In my first post, I shared all of the decorations I made for our October wedding. This post is all about the accessories I made to wear/use on the day of!

First, one of my biggest accomplishments was sewing up 6 gathered clutches (used the notoriously awesome tutorial by Noodlehead) at once, and making them successfully. I also figured out how to add a strap so that my bridesmaids (and myself!) could just wear them on our arms (this was one of their gifts).

 Theirs were all varying degrees of purples (to match both their styles and their dresses), with white - mine was the opposite - a delicate white fabrics I had in my stash, and a purple band. They were a big hit and one of my maids of honor still uses hers on a daily basis. Score! They took a long time to make but I did one step at a time with all six, which, to me, was the most productive method.

Another accomplishment was remaking my mother's veil into one that was more my style (from the 80s... a hat... yep). First of all, I found that veils are WAY overpriced, and that, even if I didn’t have one to recycle, I definitely would have made my own! There are plenty of tutorials out there, and buying tulle myself would be much cheaper.
So, together, my mom and I cut the hat off (that was the easy part), spread the veil out (both layers), and cut it down to a more manageable length and width. I hand-sewed it to a comb and also hand-sewed little pearls from my mom's craft stash. I wanted something simple and (surprisingly, for me) somewhat traditional. I was so happy with it - and now it's stashed away so that I can pass it on to my own daughter(s?) one day. :)

Finally, I made all of the boutonnieres for the boys: the groom (red), best man, 2 groomsmen (orange), and fathers (yellow). I was originally inspired by this pin. I used extra silk leaves from our fake- flower-buying bonanzas. It was pretty easy - I used 2 leaves for each, and followed the directions from Pinterest. Then, I wrapped the bottoms in floral wire and brown floral tape, and finally, used a glue gun to wrap the bottoms in ribbon.

Finally, I made custom hair clips for the bridesmaids and flower girls. Unfortunately the pictures taken that day failed to capture them, but if I find a picture, I'll post it!


Moral of the story: wedding DIY can be budget-sucking (unless you are careful). It was very time-consuming (most of my summer) but VERY satisfying!

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  1. Everything looks great, I especially like the veil recycling!

    Your warning about money and time is a good one!

  2. Now I see why you liked the gathered clutch tutorial:) I love the rosette on the clutch.

  3. What a beautiful bride you were! Congratulations!
    I love that you did so much of it yourself.

  4. The gathered clutch pattern from Noodlehead is fabulous, isn't it. I LOVE how you refashioned your mother's veil!!!! You've done a great job... it looks terrific!!!


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