Friday, October 12, 2012

Our Wedding Reception

My last picture post! Here are my favorites so far from the reception :)

The bridal party came into the reception in sunglasses and fedoras. I can't wait to see the photographer's pictures - we took some outside like this :)

First dance! ("You and Me" by Lifehouse)

Flower girls blowing bubbles :)
Dancing with my daddy ("Put Your Head on My Shoulder" and "I Loved Her First")

Cupcake tower (they were AMAZING) :) Yes, those are cat cake toppers.

Getting lifted up on chairs during the Hora!

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  1. Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Some great memories there!

    The photo of you and your dad made me cry as it made me think of my DD's wedding in 2009 and my own way back in 1977! My dad passed away in 2010 and I still miss him dreadfully! I have no idea what they played and he didn't like to dance but he did anyway!

  2. What a wonderful day you had! The shots with you and your husband were so sweet!

  3. Oh how sweet!! You guys look so great!!

  4. Oh Jess, it was beautiful. When you have time to relax, please stop by and help support our Aurora Quilt drive:

  5. You look just like your mom--could be sisters I tell ya-lol!

    I am so happy for you. Your special day looks like it all went as planned and then some.

  6. I love how your guests made their entrance to your reception. They were wearing their sunglasses and fedoras. Nice! It really looks cool! :D Well, I have to say that my favorite photo was when you danced with your father. I know that he was really a happy father during that time. :’) Congrats to you and your husband, Jessica!

  7. It might be a little late, but congratulations on your wedding! Your reception looks really special. From the looks of it, everybody had a wonderful time at the reception. It is certainly a moment worth remembering years and years from now. :)


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