Friday, November 23, 2012

Sewing Confrontations, Post 4: English Paper Piecing

I apologize for the delay today! (No, I was not out shopping, but I was spending some quality family time at the movies, seeing "Lincoln") (go see it!). Today's post is from my friend Rachel, who is another member of the Central Jersey Modern Quilt Guild.

All November Long:

Rachel tried English Paper Piecing, and I absolutely LOVE what she's done. Go check out her tips and the project she's working on! Thanks, Rachel, for the fantastic post and clear instructions!

Picture taken from Let's begin sewing...

One more week until the linkup! I'm starting to put together a package of fabric for one of the posts that gets linked up. So, start thinking - what sewing confrontation can you post about on the 30th? Also, next week, we have two more posts!

P.S. I hope everyone in the States had a wonderful Thanskgiving. I did!

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