Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hurricane Crafting

So, we still don't have power as of Monday night, but luckily I haven't had to go to work (school is still cancelled) and we're still camping out at my parents' house (which is very lucky), but here's what I got done before things got crazy around here! (aka the weekend and Monday, the first day of the hurricane)...

1. Made Scrabble tile coasters! They were super easy. I used Pinterest for tutorials/inspiration, but also made it up as I went along, going for the simplest construction possible.

I had to make up a bunch of 5 letter words related to food and kitties (we love kitties around here)."Bundt" is a not-so-subtle reference to one of my favorite movies (have a guess?)

All I did was hot glue the Scrabble tiles (bought on ebay and leftover from my wedding) in order onto cork (bought at Walmart). Mike cut them out for me with his utility knife (I think that's the one he used?) and then I just mod podged (now a verb in my house) the entire thing with 2 coats, to make it moisture resistant. We love having coasters for our new coffee table!

Here they are in use during the hurricane - we made burgers and potato wedge fries and watched Whose Line Is It Anyway? (obviously, before the power went out!) You can see we had our flashlight at the ready. 

2. I started my "Always" embroidery, which is one of my friend Rebecca's Potter Patterns. I got much further than this picture shows, but this is when I started and when I was watching "The Nightmare Before Christmas" with my little sis - a tradition around here :) (I also may have bought this cross stitch pattern to start soon...)

And she was crafting too! (she probably won't be too happy I posted this picture, haha!)

3. I also nearly finished my wedding quilt backing, which serves as my wedding guestbook! Woohoo! And that was actually on my "Get 'er Done" List! I didn't get to take a picture because that was around the time the power went out... so, more on that soon.

4. Oh, and some fabric came this weekend from Sew Fresh Fabrics! YUM! I actually went in needing linen for embroidery, and came out with a bunch of fallish prints to balance out my stash a little bit in the red and gray departments, and some extras that I fell in love with - especially Anna Maria Horner.

Since Monday, we've played 2 huge games of Monopoly with friends and family (one 1970's edition, one Lord of the Rings edition), eaten through lots of frozen food and at least 3 pans of ziti (in our defense, at one point, there were about 10 people chilling out here for power and company :p), and spent some quality family time together. Halloween in our town has been rescheduled for this coming Saturday so yesterday did not feel like it AT ALL. I'm trying to avoid listening to my Christmas music, even though, usually, I do a routine November 1st listen through :) It will have to be Sunday instead... anyway, we are all safe and sound here, but I'm waiting anxiously to get back to my cozy apartment (when it's cozy again) and my sewing machine, of course! It's hard to watch all the destruction in my home state and up and down the east coast, but I hope everyone is staying safe.


  1. sounds like you are making the very best of it and being cozy:) I love the Lord of the Rings cross stitch!

  2. Glad to hear you are safe and well and making the best of a bad situation.


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