Monday, February 4, 2013

February Goal Setting: Wedding Edition (picture heavy)

I have a lot to start/get done this month: my quilt using Honey Honey (!) for 1 Choice for Quilting (!), and my Emerald Challenge quilt. But since I can't show either one of those yet, here's a small commitment I can make probably in the very last week of the month:

Finishing the backing of my wedding quilt. For those who are new - at my October 2012 wedding, I had guests write on fabric (which was ironed to freezer paper) as my guestbook. I love the idea of seeing my guest book every single day, rather than have it sit on a shelf somewhere. The last thing I need is another book laying around... but a quilt? Oh, you know, we could all use more of those :)

This is a crunched up view of the front - I still haven't shown my full rainbow Dresdens yet. The plan is to get the quilt completely done this year... but I'm still deciding how to quilt it.

Speaking of the wedding... here's some of the professional wedding pictures we just got back! These were taken by my friend Julie Gallup of ArtSoul Photography. She's the best! And, she's done some amazing work - check out her website. I've made a t-shirt quilt for her and I'm working on another! We trade crafts/creativity back and forth :) And to think we met 3 years ago on a theater trip during college!

Anyway... here are some of my favorites, from my very purple, very fall, DIY wedding! I can't stop grinning every time I look at them :)

All of us in front of our respective dresses! I made the shirts :) (one for my mom, too)

Dad. 'nuff said.

The clutches I made for the girls! I LOVE how they look together!

Exactly what I'd hoped my purple scheme would look like. :)

Blues Brothers??

The table settings via my mom and I

If you are interested, you can see more pictures at these posts: pre-wedding, ceremony, and reception (we had quite the party, haha!).

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  1. Love the quirky photo of the two of you in sunglasses with him holding the flowers!

  2. I love your pictures!! Looks like you have a wonderful time. You all look so happy!!!

  3. A beautiful bride! I especially love the flowers!

  4. looks like you had a fabulous and happy wedding. love your idea for the wedding quilt, what a great memory to have with all teh signatures of your guests


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