Monday, November 5, 2012

Introducing: Project Color My Apartment, A New Blog Series

Now that the wedding is over and we're getting settled into married life, I've decided to take on a new mission. Our apartment is SO (and messy is not the word I'm looking for, though it is true right now):

White. Or, off-white. White walls make me sad beyond belief! This is my first place outside of a dorm room, and it still feels like a dorm room to me (Mike laughs every time I say this). We can't paint, and Mike has prohibited me from hanging up TOO much (I make him sound mean, but really, he HAS given me permission to cover this place in patchwork). Maybe it's the quilter in me, but I think this place needs some color. Don't you?

The most important wall, obviously ;)

This series will extend over a few months, as I work to add color to every part of my apartment. I'll be doing sewing, quilting, and craft projects, and I'd like to add color in other subtle ways (buying decorations on the cheap) - I'll share all. I hope that others who read this series will be inspired to dress up that part of their apartment or house that needs the dressing up, or to cover that white wall.

This is the first room I'm working on. More soon!

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  1. White walls make me sad too...go for the color!

  2. You'd better not stay here then - we painted almost every room white (except our bedroom and DD's room) in 2007 and still haven't hung the pictures back on the walls! Perhaps because it's mostly my student artwork (from 2000-2001) and I'm tired of it all!

  3. People want to look colorful, rearranged, nice, gorgeous and also well decorated place for their living. But, in here all of those criteria are totally absent. This is very important to doing well decorate those rooms. If you can follow up the ideology then the apartment is looking great.

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  4. Tom - Thank you for the advice. I've planned a follow up post to this introduction already!

  5. Quilts are the perfect way to add color to an apartment. You can hang mini's without making much of an impact on the walls. Can't wait to see what you do.


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