Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday Stash

I have some exciting additions this week, and that isn't to say I won't be buying anything at the Quilt and Sewing Fest of NJ later today. Just saying.

I picked up these luscious fabric cuts from Hawthorne Threads for a bunch of reasons, but mainly because my mom has decided she wants to make a quilt! I'm teaching her to make a brick wall quilt, a beginner improvisation quilt I've designed. She's so excited!

The cuts on the left are hers, and the ones on the right are mine (which are for a couple different in-progress projects - AMAZING purples that follow my purple rule!). All the chatter on Instagram convinced us to combine the scraps from these fabrics and turn them into a wall-hanging for my parents' room, which we'll design together! I'm so excited! This feels like a new chapter in my sewing timeline, since I'm a self-taught quilter with no other hard-core sewists in the family.

I also purchased 4.25 yards of Kaffe Fassett's Design Wall Flannel for a demo/special event I ran yesterday. I know the design walls hold up so I can use them next year and in all the in-between time. I'll post more about this soon, but I have to say that, after three years of using batting on the wall, I'm really impressed!

I recently received these lovely fat quarters from Paintbrush Studio (thank you!). They are sponsoring the New Block Blog Hop this year. Check back on March 28 to see my tutorial and many others!

And finally, you might be shocked, but I'm pulling lots of fabric out of my Anna Maria Horner stash to USE it. To be fair to myself, I use it in bits and pieces, but not often like this. That print at the top is my FAVORITE of all time (Loulouthi Summer Totem in Grapefruit) and is hard to find now. I used all, YES, ALL, of my 3 yard stash of that fabric for this backing. I can't believe it. But it feels so good to use it!

I've pieced the backing of my Meadow quilt (which I haven't really shown much of on the blog, but will soon) so that it can be a double-sided quilt. Mm. My favorite.

So, what kind of stashing have you gotten into this week?


  1. Those are some amazing purples that you picked up. And I am definitely looking forward to seeing what everyone creates for the new block blog hop at the end of the month! I think I worked out my design this morning...

  2. Gorgeous stash additions! I'm excited to see what design you come up with and as an AMH fan it's nice to see those prints being used :)

  3. Oh man that purple solid is gorgeous! That's for your wholecloth, right? I'm definitely more into the fabric colors for this year's New Block blog hop, and have an idea for my block but am still brainstorming other ideas.

  4. I love your beautiful stash colors. Purples and blues are my favorite.

  5. How fun teaching your Mom to quilt! That is exactly how I learned...from my daughter! However, I didn't ask to learn! She was relentless asking me to let her teach me, I only did it to make it stop! The rest is history! Beautiful purples, but that AMH is divine! My favorite AMH fabric is the Echinacea!

  6. Nice additions, I love that "sunflower" print from Blueberry Park. That's awesome that you are going to teach your mom how to quilt! I can't wait to see her lessons come together :) No stashing for me lately... I've been sticking to my no buying until MOD restriction.

  7. I love the purp. It is pretty!!
    Well, you are so sweet to be doing stuff with your mom. I used to do stuff with my mom too. Lucky us.
    I buy and use heavy duty extra wide felt - in white. I buy it at JA fabrics with a coupon - and also senior day lolol

  8. Drooling over your purples- and I've been wanting some of that design wall flannel for ages, lucky you! Have fun teaching your mom!


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