Wednesday, March 2, 2016

My Pattern Published in Modern By the Yard!

Happy Wednesday, friends! Benartex Fabrics just put out a FREE new modern quilting e-zine called Modern By the Yard, and my first ever pattern is in the first issue!! I'm thrilled to finally be able to share this secret! The editors have worked hard to put together a gorgeous, modern layout and assortment of projects:

Modern by the Yard is a quarterly e-zine featuring modern/modern traditional designs and quilt designers. This first issue features Benartex's solid basics and blenders because nearly every modern quilter loves those, right? :) I used Color Weave white and Quilt Block Solids in 2 purples (Iris and Royal Purple) to create contrast in my pattern for the Deconstructed Churn Dash:

This pattern is on pages 12-13!

The churn dash is my favorite quilt block of all time, and I was itching to create one that looked improvisational yet simple enough to write a pattern for. This mini quilt would bring life to any modern home. I'd love to make a larger one! Did I mention how much I love the staging in this photo?? The orchids are perfect (hello purple, my favorite color) and the green wall is a great, bold contrast. I'm thrilled to see my work in such an awesome photo.

This issue also features patterns by my friend Chris Dodsley, Lisa Swenson Ruble (who is also the editor), and Stephanie Sheridan. Also, there are articles featuring hexagons by Debby Kratovil and Geta Grama's 3-D quilts, plus modern quilting internet inspiration!

All photos courtesy of Benartex Fabrics and Modern by the Yard.

If you turn to page 32, you can win fabric by helping to spread the word about the e-zine. Remember, it's free and has four free patterns + articles and resources - it's worth checking out!

I hope you enjoy! You'll always be able to access this issue and find out about future ones over on the Benartex blog, Sew In Love With Fabric.

If you make a Deconstructed Churn Dash, please send me an email or post it on Instagram and tag me (I'm @quiltyhabit) and include #deconstructedchurndash! 


  1. So awesome! Love your variation!

  2. Love a good deconstruction Jessica and this looks fab. Love that we're in the first edition together too - Chris :D

  3. Bravo, Jess! On my way to check out the e-zine and grab your pattern.

  4. Oh you are incredible.
    You always keep us inspired. I am not kidding.
    Trust me, my life is like working at a fire department.
    I just took dad to the dentist, he is hard of hearing and holy cow the yelling.
    Then I woke mom up and she was happy for about 20 minutes then freaked out that she is 93.
    Oh and Christina texted me and told me that Silly Sarah will not nap
    She does not know how to settle. So, now I have a few hours to do some sewing, but the floors are sticky and oh yeah, the endless housecleaning lololololol

  5. Congratulations! And thank you for the link.

  6. Congratulations! So exciting and thank you for sharing the book - can't seem to ever get enough-

  7. Congrats on being published in the 1st issue! Awesome quilt (and staging)!

  8. Congrats! Its a terrific pattern!

  9. How cool is that?! The green wall makes the perfect background! Congrats! Your deconstructed churn dash is brilliant!

  10. Very cool, and so very you!

  11. Congratulations on getting your pattern published. This looks like being an interesting magazine; thanks for the link.

  12. You go, Girl! I'm so proud and pleased for you. I remember way back when you first started blogging about your quillting projects. You've come a long way. Congratulations!

  13. Congratulations! Very exciting! I'll go check out the ezine now.

  14. Congrats! I love that deconstructed churn dash!

  15. Love your design! Can I share a photo in my upcoming newsletter? Congrats on the feature!


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