Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunday Stash

Lately, I've noticed that my fabric storage cabinet is getting a bit crowded. However, there are just some fabrics that I've grown out of love with and will likely never use. Since we are moving in September, I'll be doing a little destash on Instagram sometime within the next month. I AM trying to use what I have as much as possible, but you know how things happen - other projects appear on the radar and sometimes you have to buy fabric (oh darn). Plus, I do enjoy supporting my local quilt shops (like Pennington Quilt Works, where I teach and work).

One of the reasons my stash has grown so much is because I love buying "helpful" fabrics (coined by Rachel of Stitched in Color). These are simple, one color, two color, or tone-on-tone fabrics. As much as I love multi-colored fabrics, I love combining fabric from all over more - and that doesn't usually work well with lots and lots of multi-colored fabrics.

Right now I'm restricting myself only to those I'm always on the lookout for: helpful, modern red fabric (hard for me to find ones I like) and purples (because PURPLE, guys. PURPLE). I have never bought Tula Pink fabric (really! I'm not a huge fan of animals on fabric) but these ladybugs and owls more than fit my red and purple test (and I LOVE THEM). Also, that knit fabric (Maze Blues from Imprint by Katarina Roccella)? I don't know how it snuck into my bag, but I'm glad it did, because I could use a cute skirt (I have a weakness for buying garment fabric, too...).

I also bought all the fat quarters PQW had of that beautiful Doe print (five, to be exact) because I need them for my rainbow selvage bookcase quilt. Then, since I'm taking the Meadow Quilt class with Lizzy House next weekend (!) I had to buy background fabrics and petal fabric (you'll have to tune in to my upcoming post about the workshop to see how I use them - again, PURPLE!). Below is my color palette for the rest of the quilt (all from the stash, thank you very much!). I told you I like helpful fabrics. :) P.S. If you're anywhere near Central New Jersey you should sign up for our workshop!


 Okay, so hopefully I won't have too many more Sunday Stashes this year. Or will I? ;)


  1. You have some great purples in your stash. I struggle to find good reds and purples myself. I also really like the tone-on-tone rule. Unless I am in love with a multicolor print, I try to let it pass by.

  2. Yes, okay yes I so totally agree about the modern red fabric! When I was at the LQS on Monday I looked at all the reds at least twice trying to find a good one to add...but nope. So that is definitely a good vote to add this to my stash (plus, ladybugs, obviously). But the owls! Oh I love them, especially in the purple (but I'm getting the blue also). Haha just checked my HT shopping cart and the red lady bugs are already that's good.

  3. I love your rainbow selection!!

  4. Oh have fun at your Lizzy House workshop, I can't wait to hear about it! Of course your meadow will be purple :) the purple "neutral" will look great with that pull. Moving in September???? where?!


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