Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Epic Medallion Quilting Progress

About a month ago, I decided it was high time to try and finish up a long time WIP - my medallion quilt, following an original design. Some of my readers might remember me throwing this quilt in time out in 2014. It totally deserved it, and now, my excitement has been renewed. It would be great to actually use the quilt on our bed before the weather gets warm!

Above, you can see how I quilted the middle using my domestic machine (a Janome Memory Craft 6300, since I know someone will ask! :) ). I found fast that with an almost king size quilt, it's MUCH easier to quilt in detail than in long strides (something like large connecting spirals, loops, etc. are very difficult). I decided not to quilt this in an all over pattern because quilting is my FAVORITE part of the process, and I hope to keep this quilt forever. I want it to be perfectly mine - also, a main reason I didn't send out to a longarm quilter (which I've never done, actually).

Here's when I decided to start quilting "the beast." My husband documented the moment - mainly because I moved to the dining room for extra room. Even with one large table and lots more room to adjust the quilt, it's really been a workout (hence why I've since taken a quilting break - I'll work on the last two borders soon).

Below are a couple progress pictures. I vaguely planned out what motifs I would use in each section and then just went for it! Pebbles and echos repeat on purpose, to echo the middle.

Detailed feathers (pattern by Anna Maria Horner - I only made four of them though!) surrounded by woodgrain.

 The latest - that second to last border with the cats (which are for my husband because he loves cats) was really difficult. I definitely got my arm workout that day! And baby orange peels in the white!! It just made sense. You remember whose blog you're reading, right? ;) There's a hidden one too - do you see it? Oh yeah, and I don't mind sharing all those threads I have to bury.

The back is Anna Maria Horner's Echinacea flannel in Boost. We have one quilt with flannel ("Allons-y, Allonso"), and it's the warmest/most comfy quilt we own. I've been planning for this print to be the backing since it came out a couple years ago! It's one of my all-time favorites.

I can't wait to see the full quilt when it's done. Even I haven't seen it completely!! Excitement.

I'm documenting this quilt on Instagram using the hashtag #epicmedallionjs - there are more pictures there if you want to check it out!

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  1. What you have done so far looks awesome, and it has been fun to follow along on IG!

  2. This quilt will be so pretty, it's already beautiful. And the quilting is great. You're brave to start the quilting on your ordinary sewing machine. I've done it a couple of times, so difficult.

  3. Whew! That is a workout and a half! But so worth it looking at what you've achieved so far ☺

  4. Jess, You are the best. I am so inspired by you. I have never quilted any thing big.
    Do you offer hand holding services?
    Your quilt is beautifical and I adore your dining room. You are so cute.
    You remind me of my daughters so I know your momma is so proud of you

  5. Medallion quilts are the perfect way to break up quilting space on huge quilts! And you get to use so many fun motifs in the different borders. I can't wait to see yours all finished!

  6. What a lovely quilt, so bright and colourful, and BIG to be quilting on your domestic machine. I struggle with quilts of just under 60 inches square. I so laughed at your pic of you surrounded by the quilt. I am now almost sorry I'm not on Instagram as I have missed the previous pics, but it takes me all my time to keep up with all the wonderful blogs I follow (including yours)
    With smiles

  7. Yay!!! Hurray for awesome and fun quilting!

  8. It's coming along so well! I can't wait to see it finished finally :) 2 years is a long time out... your future kids are in trouble, lol. What are you thinking for binding?

  9. What a lovely quilt! You sure are the Quilting Champion for quilting that monster on your home machine! But you've gone about it sensibly, in sections. I'll keep that in mind when next I quilt anything over lap size at home.

  10. Beautiful quilting and good for you getting it done on a DSM!!!! Looks great.

  11. I love your approach to quilting; the result is organic and dynamic and brilliant. Thank you for showing it threads and all; your posts are always encouraging!

  12. Quilting "the beast?" I have to say a very lovely beast and one that will bring much comfort and joy :) It is outstandingly gorgeous!
    Have a happy weekend!
    Connie :)

  13. Wonderful quilt, so bright & I see lots of my favourite fabrics too! and great that you are able to quilt this on your home machine!

  14. This is what your would call an 'EPIC' quilt! From the fabric (Love me some AMH), the quilting...OMG, to the cozy flannel and my favorite AMH fabric ever! I cannot believe you are FMQ the entire thing! Crazy! Can't wait to see the finish, but don't rush, I'll wait! ;)

  15. You are so brave! I am TERRIFIED to do a large quilt. Baby quilts - ok....I can manage a simple pattern, but a big one! I think I need to take lessons from you! Margo

    1. Hi Quilting Momma! I usually reply back by email but you are no reply and I can't find your email. Anyway, you can totally do it! Definitely having some tools helps (extension table, Supreme Slider, gloves, a larger harp space on a machine) but I free motion quilted large quilts on my basic machine without any of these things for 2 years. Go for it!


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