Monday, August 3, 2015

Quilt in the Wild - NYC

Before my younger sister goes away for college for the first time (WAH! She'll be a whole east coast away in Georgia until Christmas), we joined up for one last big hurrah. Many of you know that I'm VERY close with her and that she's always been an unstoppable force behind my sewing.

For the last three weeks, Marisa has been living in New York City for a summer institute program with Google (yes, that Google); it's been an amazing opportunity for her. Since she's in NY, it was only common sense for me to come to her. Because the city rocks.

My absolute favorite part was picnicking in front of Bethesda Fountain in Central Park. We brought Supernova in Blue as our picnic blanket, and it served us well. It took some serious thought to figure out which quilt would be best (I chose this one because it's large and square). We had to snap a quick photo when we were done! I love bringing my quilts places (like the sunflower field last year). :) I'm sure we got some looks, but I wouldn't know; I was behind the quilt. Ha.

I can't remember the last time we had a "just us sisters" day (and later we found out that it actually WAS National Sister Day! How's that for irony?). We traipsed around the city like no tomorrow. By that, I mean that we scoured a good portion of downtown and uptown Manhattan (we've both spent a lot of time midtown on class trips and the like [where Times Square and Broadway are], so we avoided that area).

My four favorite pics (besides the above one of us on the quilt):

 From right below the One World Trade building - it's absolutely spell-binding.

Flowers on the High Line (30 feet above ground)

 In Madison Square Park

Bethesda Fountain and Terrace, Central Park

There were lots of pattern-y pictures, too. So much quilty inspiration:

Also, Marisa might have inspired a window quilt. Ah, the possibilities. I need to work through some other WIPs first though!

Places we went: One World Trade and the reflecting pools (my first time there since 2011, when the tower was about midway finished and the pools were not there), Google building (outside), Chelsea Market for a crepe lunch, the High Line (the coolest park you'll ever visit), the Lego Store, The City Quilter, the Flatiron Building, Madison Square Park, The Guggenheim, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and many places within Central Park. It IS possible to go to NYC for FREE besides the getting there and food! We proved it!

Also, I posted other pictures on Instagram if you are interested. :)

I've always wanted to visit The City Quilter, and I got my wish! It's HUGE. Marisa snapped a picture of the rainbow wall of fabric:

I also bought several half yards to add to my low volume and purple stashes. That NYC fabric is only available at The City Quilter! It's beautiful and I just want to stare at it all. day.

What's your favorite city to explore? Mine would probably be Berlin, but NYC comes in at a close second (it's much easier to get to!).

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  1. You guys are so cute! I love the flying geese gate, and the wavy lines one! I have no favorite city to explore.

  2. Like Renee said, you and Marisa are so cute together! <3 The wavy line gate is super awesome; there is so much quilty goodness everywhere. I love spending time in Monterey Bay / Pacific Grove. Not so much for exploring the city as much as for exploring the coast line, though.

  3. Looks like it was a very special time, do like the text fabric, my weakness. Id have to pick Melbourne its always full of surprises.

  4. Great shot of your quilt in Central Park; the Park is beautiful and my favorite place to visit in the city, besides the Met. I really enjoyed Salt Lake City, Utah. It is pedestrian friendly, and the Mormon Church buildings are stunning. Lots of great restaurants - many serving local foods, a bookstore (Eborn) with multiple rooms and a basement, a quaint little quilt shop (Piper's Quilts) in a residential area, and some great hiking (Ensign Peak) just behind the capital building where you can look down at the city and the lake. And everyone's so friendly!

  5. Nice pics. I found the cities boring compared to nature and all the parks you have there. Plus we don't have sea or ocean here so I love the coast anywhere :)

  6. I love NYC! It looks like you two had an awesome day! I'm sure there were much stranger things going on in central park than quilt picture taking ;)

  7. Great pictures. The city quilter is such a great shop I've bought lovely fabric there on my two visits.


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