Friday, August 14, 2015

241 Totes


Last month, I tried my hand at a new bag. I have made several clutches, pouches, and tote bags in the past, but it was time to use a real pattern. I wanted a purse that would be large enough to hold my wallet and a few choice items; I'm typically a large bag carrier and I am tired of hauling things around! Granted, having a small purse usually forces me to bring along another tote bag to most things... but I digress. I'm happy to show off my new 241 tote bag (pattern by Noodlehead, aka Anna Graham).

I made a second one simultaneously for my friend Julie's birthday! She loves Paris and the color red, She hardly ever carries purses, but I figured if she ever needed to, she would have a small one to tote around in style. :) Note: it saves time to make two bags at once (kind of like chain sewing) but it did draw out my bag-making time to a few days! I was itching to get back to quilts when I was done. :)

The pattern was very well written and clear. For someone who doesn't usually follow patterns (and especially bag patterns), I appreciated this. It was also my first time installing hardware into anything and Anna made it so. easy. My CJMQG friends also encouraged me to do it. Also, I really enjoy using the side pockets. I loved carrying this bag with me everywhere this summer!

I couldn't help picking up some of this Rainwalk Canvas (the two fabrics on the left - also by Anna). The curvy motif was perfect for me. Not pictured: blue orange peels in the lining. ;) I can't stop - I won't apologize.

The two bags together. Note #2: it is difficult to find a place in your house with good light to photograph two bags hanging together!

We tried to take a nice selfie with our new bags and kind of failed. But here is is nevertheless. :)



  1. I love those bags! Yours look great.

  2. I have this pattern and am procrastinating over fabric choices. I think all of Anna's patterns are great sews, so am keen to try it out once I clear the WIP list a bit. Yours looks lovely. I like that swirly pattern you chose (and think you are a lovely friend making a bag for a gift!)

  3. Love your bags. I think the selfie is adorable!

  4. CUTE selfie pic of the two adorable totes! I have made Noodlehead's Runaround Bag; it went together quick and easy.

  5. Looking good Jess. I like all those fabrics used :)

  6. You did a fabulous job with it, Jess. Love those fabric choices!That pattern is on my to do list -- glad to hear it is a good one to follow.

  7. Oh I don't know how I missed this post! I really like the 241 pattern, and Anna writes such nice patterns! Looks like Julie is quite pleased with the bag you made her!


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