Sunday, September 7, 2014

Quilts and sunflowers, oh my!

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Lately we've (okay, mostly me, but Mike enjoys it, I think!) been on an adventure kick. There are so many places to drive in western NJ/eastern PA and I want to try out all the local restaurants and see everything! Of course I'm being a bit ambitious but we do what we can.

I found out about the Sussex County (Northern NJ) Sunflower Maze just a couple of days ago, and the first thing I thought was "ooh, I bet my Modern Maples quilt would look amazing there!" :D So off we went... and yes, sunflowers are my favorite flowers (they were also featured prominently at our wedding almost 2 years ago)! They did not disappoint in the slightest!

We had fun taking picture with Mike's fancy camera and my phone. We definitely earned our steps for the day (almost 8,000) and took in a double dose of Vitamin D. Don't worry, I carried the quilt around in a garbage bag so it wouldn't get ruined!

 Happy sunflower...


Some were leaning over so far!

 I'll say it again - I LOVE sunflowers. :)

There had to be at least 100-150 people in the maze when we were, but it was so large that we stumbled upon sections completely void of people. It was eerie and peaceful at the same time.

Mike wanted to delete this one but I thought it was cool, all out-of-focus and dreamy!

We had such a fun time. Yes, I was the only person there with a quilt. But it was worth it! I would have brought more than one if he would have let me ;).


  1. That looks like such fun! Great place for a quilty photoshoot too. We have corn mazes (or maiz mazes) and Arden is already excited about going this fall. We tried growing big, tall sunflowers along our back wall this year and it was such a huge fail--only two plants survived and didn't grow taller than two feet and the flowers were smaller than my fist. The kids were so excited for them though :-)

  2. sunflowers make you so happy just to see them,. Great place to photograph the quilt

  3. If I knew of a sunflower maze/field/plot anything close by, I would photograph all my quilts there. :D They are one of my very favoritest flowers ever (though they weren't at my wedding :( oh well). It looks like you had a really great day!!!!

  4. Your quilt if lovely and it looks like you had a great adventure amongst the sunflowers. Fun, fun!

  5. The sunflowers make a beautiful setting for that gorgeous quilt. The back is as pretty as the front.

  6. so fun! what a great place for a photoshoot!

  7. The field of sunflowers over here looks very different :) I loved taking pictures with them as well.

  8. I love that quilt! It is a beauty!. The sunflower photos are so pretty. They are one of my favorite flowers too.

  9. These photos are so beautiful. The way the light hits the quilt looks like autumn! Such a great staging idea!

  10. Great pics.I love sunflowers and your quilt is spectacular!

  11. Your modern maple quilt is fantastic !


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