Friday, August 7, 2015

Greenbean: A Finished Quilt

Greenbean is a queen-sized quilt with an extra-large overhang, commissioned by my friend Melissa. We met during our college days (TCNJ, represent! Go Lions!) in theater. Melissa sews herself and I'm always wowed by her garment sewing skills! I was completely honored that she asked me to make this special quilt!

Melissa was curious about the whole process of making a quilt, so I took her through it step-by-step. First, I created a Pinterest board with designs I thought were feasible for a queen sized (or lap) quilt. She and her boyfriend chose a green version of this wonderful large plus quilt by Film in the Fridge, and I mentioned that a fade from light to dark would be especially effective for a one-color quilt. Then, I suggested fabrics (she loved them all) so I made the calculations (a little different from Ashley's) and bought what I needed.

When it came time to quilt, Melissa chose wavy walking foot lines that would allow the pluses to really shine. This kind of quilting on a quilt this size can be tiresome, but I set up my space well (two tables = plenty of room) and I took lots of breaks.

I pieced the back to purposely flow from light to dark, and alternate (the middle is the dark to light section). I love piecing backs because you can use them as a whole separate quilt! It was a bit windy in this picture but you get the idea. :) I used almost every single piece of fabric I bought to make the back happen!

I just love how this pattern allows the large prints to show off. I made one other plus quilt in the past and this one was easier because the squares are bigger ;).

Just for kicks, I like to see the color values (lightness and darkness of a particular color). Have you ever used your camera as a tool to see if your values are in the places you want? Mine are a little off but I liked the layout of the quilt too much to change it. :) There's still a general light to dark cascade from the top right corner to the bottom left.

In other news, my husband wanted all of you to know that there was a bunny in the yard. Luckily, no bunnies were harmed during this photoshoot, as it consisted of a quilt 25 feet in the air and away from this little guy.

P.S. If anyone is looking for a commission quilt, I'd be happy to make one like this (in your specific color[s]) or any on the Pinterest board! Please email me if you want to discuss!

Happy in its new home :) 

I posted more about this quilt here.


  1. I love this! There's really something about Plus quilts that I really, really like. And I think you nailed the light to dark design you were going for. Great finish!

  2. Beautiful Jess! Do you find the wavy quilting creates puckers? I'm usually scared to go too wavy but I love the look. Well done. So is your friend now hooked on quilting?

  3. Hooray for such a great finish and happy customer. I love the way the size of the pattern really lets the prints shine. :)

  4. Tell your husband thanks, i love seeing bunny pictures. I love the quilt, i love the big pluses

  5. It's really lovely. A plus quilt has long been on my bucket list and every time I see one it stirs my creativity. (Then of course I forget and do something else!)

  6. Good job with your plus quilt. I like the pieced back; it's such a great way to use lots of remnants.

  7. Great job! I am sure your friend will cherish it for years. And she got to learn about quilting in the process! Perhaps a future quilter in the making.

  8. Jessica I love the palette you chose, and the wavy quilting too. The back is great, it's like you've got two quilts in one!

    (So glad to have found your blog through CMQ's link up!)

  9. It looks great! A plus quilt is yet another on my (rather long) list of someday quilts :)

  10. I always love plus quilts, the design just shines. I especially love this as it is made in some of my favourite colours. x

  11. This came up as a suggested post when I was reading about "Peace" (similar color scheme maybe?) and I was like "Hmmmm is that new?" I don't know how I missed it before but its really pretty. I like how you arranged the Dottie plus block :)


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