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Inverted Wonky Diamond Block Tutorial: Fabri-Quilt New Block Blog Hop

I'm honored to be included in the Fabri-Quilt New Block Blog Hop! I made up a fun, easy, and modern block with these summery Fabri-Quilt fabrics. A bunch of these would make a fabulous baby quilt, and you could mix and match two or four colors. Plus, I've included a few other block options, and you can practice sewing an accurate quarter inch seam. Read on:

 Inverted Wonky Diamond Block
*Update: A lot of people are saying the block looks like a spool of thread. I saw this just now! So cool!
Measures 12.5" x 12.5" unfinished
12"x12" finished

  • Four fat eighths of different colors (should contrast each other)
  • Pencil
  • Rotary cutter/ruler
  • Sewing machine and general sewing supplies  
  • Iron/ironing board

1. Cut fabric: 
  • Of each of two background fabrics:
    • Cut (2) 6.5" squares
  • Of each of two diamond fabrics:
    • Cut (1) 2.5" square
    • Cut (1) 4" square
You should have (4) 6.5" background pieces, (2) 2.5" squares, and (2) 4" squares.

2. Draw a line on the wrong side of all of your diamond pieces, from corner to corner.

3. Pin 1 diamond fabric to each background fabric (right sides together, though it doesn't always matter for solids). Match 1 diamond color with 1 background color (see picture below). Make sure the lines you drew run diagonal, hitting the sides of the background fabrics (not pointing towards the middle).

 4. Sew on the line corner to corner. Repeat for all 4 pieces. If you were to make a whole quilt out of this block, this would be a great time to chain piece!

 5. Using your rotary cutter and ruler, cut off the excess triangle, leaving a quarter inch seam. All of your pieces should look like this:

6. Press each seam towards the background fabric. If your background fabric is a light color like white, press towards the diamond fabric. Make sure all of your pieces are 6.5" squares.

 7. Find a layout you like. Here are some options. This block is super versatile!

The one I chose:

 8. No matter what, here's how you sew the four pieces together: sew two pieces vertically, and press seams open. See the picture below which shows both sides.

 9. Finally, sew the two columns you have created into a block. Find where the seams match and place a pin there to ensure that they line up. Press your final seam open.

There you have it: your very own Inverted Wonky Diamond Block!

This block will be a part of a charity quilt!

Guess what? There are going to be block tutorials posted all over the quilty interwebs all week. See below for the list of bloggers posting today - I will update it as the week goes on so you can check for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, too! 

Thank you to Fabri-Quilt, who supplied each blogger with fat eighths in these colors: Chartreuse, Turquoise, Coral, Aqua, Lapis Blue, and White. You can follow the blog hop on their blog, Inspired by Fabric, this week. Thank you also to Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl, Terri Ann @Childlike Fascination, Cheryl @Meadow Mist Designs, and Stephanie @Late Night Quilter for hosting the blog hop and coordinating everything!

Please enjoy tutorials from my fellow quilty bloggers:

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  1. This is a fun block! Lots of fun variations could be had, and wouldn't it make a cool baby quilt! Also, I love that we chose the same colors from the bundle. I really wanted to make my mountain snow-capped with the white, but decided the block was already involved enough (mostly for designing, yeesh that took all week!).

  2. I really love all the variations this block can achieve, but the one you chose looks so much like a spool of thread to me that I am in love and would have such a hard time *not* using it as my layout!

  3. Ooooo...loads of variations. How fun! And you added a materials and supplies list. I wish I'd thought of that, Congratulations on a very fun block. Filing it away for a future project - Martha @ (we met at QuiltCon :^) )

  4. I love the bold, graphic quality of this block! It is made even more fantastic by having so many options to embrace!

  5. This is a great little block . I love your creativity. I think my favourite layout is the second one and I'm wondering what it would look like with printed fabric.

  6. Great block and tutorial, thank you for sharing.

  7. A great block design with so many options.

  8. Thanks for sharing this block. I seem to have trouble wrapping my mind around wonky blocks, but your tutorial should get me past that problem.

  9. You did a great tutorial and made a really neat block. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful creative day!

  10. I see a spool in the block. I think it will make a great mini quilt in my sewing room.

  11. so cute, but I would have named your block variegated spools! Love your creativity!

  12. I love the look of a spool of thread too. Great tutorial with great pictures.

  13. Great block! I love that the layout you chose to use looks like a spool of thread.

  14. I love the improv look of wonky blocks so this is right up my street. Well done Jess

  15. What a great block!!! Lots of fun ideas with this one!

  16. Simple but it gives a lot of possibilities. Good job.

  17. I saw the spool too. Great job! Beautiful work and nice, clear directions! Love all the double negative space.

  18. ooh!! sweet block! I like the way you showed so many variations, and your photos are great!!
    (I couldnt see your pics of the quilt design, coming over from blogger, just an fyi)

  19. Sometimes it is the simplest things. There are so many ways you could go with this block and I like all of them. Plus the piecing is so simple. I want to play with this a bit. Thanks so much! Great block.

  20. Thanks for a fun versatile block! There are so many options

  21. Fun block - and yes, I too saw the mini spool right away! I have a few photos that aren't showing up (the very first image and the very last image) but it doesn't seem to affect the tutorial at all. Great job!

  22. Thank you Jess for the tutorial of your block. It will be a fun block to play with for a great looking quilt.

  23. Jess, your block is awesome! So simple but unique and your tutorial is great. Your choice of colours of fabric is really nice... perfect!


  24. What a FUN BLOCK, I love it! I follow You and Inspired by Fabric by Bloglovin and newsletter.

  25. So real quick, can we talk about how much I love the little spool of thread it creates in the middle? Too cute, great block and wonderful tutorial!

  26. You are absolutely right- this would make a great block for a baby quilt! Super easy and yet looks sophisticated and modern. Great job.

  27. Thanks for the great block! I love that it looks like a spool of thread and will use it when sewing something for my sewing room.

  28. I like that this little block design has been modified enough to be successful for even a new sewist. Using a whole square and trimming the HST off makes it simple. It's a simple point to also stitch the the two piece you will be trimming into their own HST and set aside for use in another project. You can square it up later.

    It's also appealing because there aren't any places that just have to line up perfectly, and it still looks good. My kind of block for sewing when you just want a low concentration sewing session. Nicely done!


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