Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday Stash

QuiltCon was an opportunity to spread some of the fabric-shopping love and buy from some new-to-me vendors. I picked up some fabric for the Cotton and Steel Mini Swap on Instagram (top right) and some fabric I had generally been eyeing for a while: some half yards of Doe by Carolyn Friedlander, a yard of Essex linen for pouches and bags, some large cuts of Dowry and Honor Roll by Anna Maria Horner (did you know her signature is below the bows??), and some fat quarters of in-general awesome prints that I'll surely use (like those new colors of Joel Dewberry's Herringbones. What.).

These fabrics are from Beyond the Reef, Cloud 9 Fabrics (Tsuru and Koi!!), Island Quilter, and Stitch Lab. I had great conversations in these vendor booths! Amanda gave me a needle minder (thank you - I'm using it already!) and I made that headband at the bottom at the Cotton and Steel booth. Imagine my surprise and pleasure when I discovered you could actually sit at their booth and sew!

Then, there's my current favorite purchase from QuiltCon - an orange peel shirt from Patchwork Threads. I had held off for a while but my wallet jumped out of my purse when I saw this one. Plus, it was a couple of dollars cheaper than online and I didn't have to pay shipping. That's a huge score in my book! The t-shirt is VERY soft and good quality (the colors are amazing - each petal is slightly different, as you can kind of see above), and I can wear it to teach my Orange Peels and Improv class! How perfect is that?! Thanks, Patchwork Threads, you rock!

P.S. I'm not getting compensated to say any of this... I just love these vendors. :)

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  1. Oh man I wish I had seen those Koi flowers! Love that print. The shirt looks super on you! I got my sweatshirt from them yesterday, hurray!

  2. Yay you got the Mochi bunnies. Are you dying of cute? That t-shirt is so perfect for you, love it!

  3. Yay you got the Mochi bunnies. Are you dying of cute? That t-shirt is so perfect for you, love it!

    1. no idea why my comment showed up twice... dumb glitchy blogger

  4. Nice stash from your outing to Quilt Con! Love your color choices. Yummy!

  5. The TShirt is so perfect on you, and it will be the perfect thing to wear for your class!

  6. What a great find that t-shirt is!! Thank goodness your wallet had the sense to let you know it was there!
    I love all of your fabric purchases, looking forward to seeing what you make from them, yum!!!

  7. Adore all the stash!! Must get me some more Honor Roll, I need the bows! The herringbone print is probably my all time favourite :) Loving the t-shirt too!


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