Tuesday, March 3, 2015

WIP Wednesday: Cascade Challenge Quilt

In the midst of a(nother) snowy and icy week (GAH), I've been quilting my Cascade Fabric Challenge quilt. I want to finish it before our March guild meeting next week (where all of our guild's challenge creations will be on display!). The colors and motifs that Jessica Levitt uses in this line are a perfect reminder that yes, maybe one day soon, spring will come. And I'm not just saying that because she's one of my best quilty friends. It's true.

I quilted pebble paths in a dark gray Aurifil thread to mimic the slice-and-insert curves on the top itself. I'm trying some very organic (aka not straight) matchstick quilting for the first time - I don't know if they'll actually be matchstick-close, but I'm going to fill in a good portion of the spaces you see here with different thread colors. You can see on the right that I snuck in some navy blue already (I love it so much!). I can't believe how much time, energy, and thread this kind of quilting takes, though! I'm using my FMQ foot because it's faster (no turning when you get to an edge). People, this is totally doable on a home machine!

I was inspired by this charity quilt that hung in Ballroom A at QuiltCon. The middle catches your eye and makes for a completely stunning design, in my opinion. If anyone knows which guild made this quilt, please let me know - they weren't labelled at the exhibit and or online. I love it, though.

Quilting is undeniably my favorite part of the whole quilt-making process (besides pulling fabric out to begin). Especially that first moment when the idea goes from brain to needle to quilt... pure. bliss. It's even better when the picture in your mind actually comes out right. :) As you can see, I've been doing the majority of my quilting at dusk (though luckily it's starting to get darker later, little by little... I swear, the birds were out this morning, and then we had an ice storm! Okay, I'll stop now).

These next two weeks are crazy busy quilting-wise (clearly QuiltCon was just the beginning!). On Saturday, I'll be making a quilt with the community at a free event, Day of the Arts (I'll explain more soon!). On Sunday, I'm attending and assisting at the QuiltFest of NJ XI in Somerset, NJ, where the CJMQG's modern quilts will be featured in a special exhibit (if you get there before me, send me some pics, please?) Scatter, Home, and Pixie Sticks were voted in and will all be there (ironically, these were the three that got rejected at QuiltCon)! Then, there's no rest for the weary... on Tuesday, we have our guild meeting (which I have to finish prepping for). Afterwards, I can look ahead to Mid-Atlantic Mod (next month!?!).  In the meantime... it's time to wind some more bobbins and keep quilting!

P.S. If you'd like to join in the Cascade Fabric Challenge: make something quilted using the new Cascade fabric line from Windham Fabrics, and you can use any solids (including those from the line). The challenge ends on March 31 - tag #cascadefabricchallenge and @jtlevitt.


  1. You are making the best of your weather days! Awesome and I can't wait to see more. :)

  2. Fun, fun quilting. What great progress. It really matches and makes the quilt.

  3. I love the idea of mixing pebbles and organic lines together! It's going to look great all over this quilt. When you say dark grey thread, what number are you using? I really want to get a new cone of grey, but want something darker than 2605.

  4. That is a great idea and is going to look fabulous.

  5. I find your quilt quite interesting! The fabric you chose and how you pieced it. The quilting you are making. I love the curved line created with your pebbles. Very artistic. The whole is so different and pleasing to the eyes!


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