Friday, February 27, 2015

Surprise clutches

When I decided to attend QuiltCon, I got it in my head that it would be fun to surprise some of my best quilty friends who would also be attending (especially the ones I had never met in person). So many swappers, guild members, and bee mates have surprised me by making pouches and pincushions, and freely giving me fabric, books, chocolate, interfacing (I'm looking at you, Laura, and I love it!!), and on and on. I wanted to do something that took some time to thank them for those surprises. Plus, you know, they are just some wonderful ladies that deserved some surprises. :)

One of my favorite pouch patterns is the Nora Clutch Tutorial, written by my friend Heidi. It's a large pouch/clutch, especially when you fold up the top. It holds so much! I thought very carefully about each person (I legitimately had a spreadsheet going) about which fabrics I would cut for each person (that they would hopefully love), which color zipper, which lining, etc. What can I say - I wanted them to be perfect, and I'm a planner! From the top left - Laura (the Lizzy House obsessed), Renee (loves the cranes and teal), Jess (loves the early AMH lines), Heather (favors blue and low volume, from my observations), (bottom right) Ashley (a fellow Loulouthi worshipper), Karin (my Supernova partner who enjoys Indelible and teal), and Sandi (my fellow purple lover!!).

These I gave out at our February guild meeting to Sonia (who has been very generous including me in fabric finds, and she's just amazing anyway), Lori (one of my QuiltCon roommates and overall a lovely friend), and Jess, in her new Cascade fabrics (we're partners in crime, don't you know?). 

I'm partial to these three fabric combinations... and even though these are some of my own favorite fabrics (that I've been hoarding), it was soooo worth it for my friends. Ladies, use them in good health, and I love you!! Quilty friends are the best - thank you! :)


  1. Those are awesome! I'm sure they loved them.

  2. Quilty friends ARE the best, and I definitely love mine! I totally agree that using the coveted fabrics for quilty friends is worth it!

  3. Lovely! What a great friend you are! And the accent stitching is fun! Thanks for sharing this tutorial.

  4. This is so sweet!! I can't think of a better person than a quilty friend to be recipient of the coveted hoarded fabric! You KNOW they will love and adore it as much as you do!

  5. I certainly love mine !! Thanks so much, Jess! It was such a lovely surprise. Quilty friends are THE BEST!!!
    Hugs, Sonia

  6. These are fabulous! I know how it is with special fabrics -- as much as I love them, my quilty friends are worth giving them up. : )

    BTW: I love your use of decorative stitches here!


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