Monday, March 16, 2015

QuiltCon Recap, Part 3: The Quilt Show

It's already almost a month since QuiltCon (that's really hard to believe - it's gone so fast), but I'm just getting around to looking through all the pictures on my camera from the quilt show itself! The show was, in a word, astounding. I've been to several traditional quilt shows and have appreciated them. I've seen small modern quilt exhibits (including our guilds') and I've spotted bright, provocative modern quilts within traditional shows. But this was very different.

This international modern quilt show alone was worth going to Texas for. I believe there were between 300 and 400 quilts (please correct me if I'm wrong - I can't seem to find an exact figure)! I realize there was/is a lot of dissension in the ranks about "which quilts got in" and "how the Modern Quilt Guild is defining modern quilting" (that last one is a post for another day). But... guys... we have our own show that will now go up every year. THAT is something to be excited about! You can see more thoughts about that in my post, Positive Thoughts on QuiltCon Rejection.

This was the GORGEOUS Viewer's Choice Winner: "Quilt For Our Bed" by Laura Hartrich. Those Drunkard's Path blocks - omg! A well-deserved win! Below, I borrowed a pic from Yvonne of my white gloving experience (before the quilt won that prize) - check out that back:

My sole grievance was the layout of the show itself. It was very easy to get "lost" in the quilts (not necessarily a bad thing), but I had a lot of trouble finding specific quilts I wanted to see and figuring out where I was within the exhibit. As a result, I missed many quilts, and I even spent over three hours volunteering as a white glove lady (I also went back multiple times on my own time to view more quilts)! It was almost impossible to see them all with a full QuiltCon schedule otherwise. It would have been easier to navigate if I knew what categories the quilts were in, and/or if the categories were set up in rows or aisles rather than staggered. That's just my two cents.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my favorites from the show. I literally ran around an hour before leaving for the airport to take pictures:

 "Refresh" by Anna Boenish

 "Feathers" by Shannon Page

 "After Dinner Mints" by Paige Alexander

 "Comma Comet" by Janet Gannon, quilted by Pam Biswas

 "Watercolors" - for Do. Good Stitches - pieced by Ara Jane Olufson, Jacey Gray, Rachel Hauser, Daisy Aschehoug, Jenelle Clark, Cat Downs, Deb Aspuria, Amanda Hohnstreiter, Jessica Rider, Natalie Sabik, and quilted by Natalie Sabik.

 "Facets" by Liz Harvatine

 "For Tanya" by Emily and Miriam Coffey

 "Face #1" by Melissa Averinos
Quilted by: Melissa Averinos & Suzanne Whiteside

 "Shades of Gray" by Terri Aske

 "Balancing Act" by Amanda Hohnstreiter

 "Long Island Modern Sampler" by Kim Soper (I can't wait to meet you next month, Kim!)

What were your favorites from QuiltCon this year?
P.S. All the QuiltCon winners


  1. The layout made me feel lost even after being there all weekend and kind of knowing where I was heading. I regret not spending more time with the Gee's Bend quilts, and I think I mostly missed the small quilts category. It was a visual feast, though!!

  2. I definitely agree about the layout. I know that I missed a lot and I wandered the floor every day. There was so much gorgeousness to gaze at though. Next time I will make a real point of paying attention to where I have wandered though!

  3. First of all - thanks so much for including my Shades of Gray in your list of favorites.

    I also got "lost in the quilts" several times. It seemed like every time I went back, I "discovered" a quilt I hadn't seen before. But I think the purpose of the zigzag layout was to get more quilts in a limited space.

    And I agree with you - the show and conference were astounding!

  4. You picked some great quilts to share, some of these I hadn't seen in other posts. I love that face quilt every time I see it. Can't wait for Savannah in 2017!!!

  5. My favorite part was - well, ALL of it. Even though I'm directionally challenged and did get lost I loved the staggered layout for actually viewing and focusing on the quilts in front of me instead of being distracted by what's next down the row. Super great to meet you, wish we could've hung out even more.


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