Sunday, March 29, 2015

Quilting in GIFs, Part 1

Some quilting humor this morning from some of our favorite characters... :)

When you see your new favorite fabric in person:

When you run out of bobbin thread an inch before the last stitch on a binding:

When you're in the middle of free motion quilting and someone asks you a question:

When you order a ton of fabric on sale and stash it away:

When it's time for a quilt guild meeting:

When it's time for a 4-day-long quilt retreat:

When it's 2 am and you're *almost done* with the project:

4 hours later when your alarm goes off:

I found all GIFs here.

Don't forget that Sew Me a Song is having a spring cleaning and clearance! You can't beat $2.50 for a half yard of fabric... just saying. Also, this fabric is to die for (I already bought the black and white version). Becca is the best, and she's been a sponsor of this blog for almost a year now!

And, because no post is complete without a picture, here's what my cutting table looks like this morning. This happy mini came to fruition last night. More soon! Happy Sunday Sewing!


  1. What a fun way way to start the day! I especially love the 4-day retreat one. Thanks For sharing!

  2. Aaaahahaaha so true! Worse than being asked a question during FMQ is when the kids bump my elbows! Instant quilter rage.


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