Sunday, March 30, 2014

Retreat Prep

This blog has been a bit quiet the last couple of weeks. My work schedule has been a bit bonkers, and I'm just starting to get it settled down. I also haven't had any sewing deadlines (a huge relief) except Mid-Atlantic Mod, so all big projects have been cast aside for the time being (though that will change at the retreat!). So, here's what I've been up to:

1) Making two quilt starters for the progressive quilts. Everyone who is participating makes a starter (thanks, Pennington Quiltworks, for sponsoring the fabric!) and each person gets an hour or so to add to the quilt. They will be raffled off to the participants come the end of the retreat. I can't wait to see what these become!

Triangle quilt starter - stretching my slightly-rusty improv piecing capabilities

Low Volume quilt starter (with pops of color)

2) Making a tote bag for the Tote Bag Swap on Saturday night. Robert Kaufman donated Essex Linen for us to use (thank you!). I haven't worked with linen very much so it's been a treat. I'm using the Scraptastic Tote tutorial from Don't Call Me Betsy - it's almost done. That bottom piece is the lining!

At the retreat I plan on doing lots of things. I want to start quilting my Botanics quilt. I'll also get at least 2 borders done on my Medallion (hopefully!). I might bring some Radiant Orchid scraps, too, for our CJMQG April swap project. But who knows how much I'll actually get done (though I plan to be up sewing pretty late) - there's going to be plenty of shopping, eating, and walking around Lancaster with my CJMQG friends and those I'm going to meet (hi Liz!!) and new friends I don't even know yet. I can't wait to drive down on Thursday!! Now, to make some new CDs for the car...

Mid-Atlantic Mod


  1. I enjoyed your blog and the retreat you are planing. Have fun.

  2. Those are all great! I am slowing getting on this LV band wagon and like the block you made, especially the little row of squares--cute! Can't wait to see all the fun pictures from this retreat!

  3. That lining fabric with the birds is such a nice pop of colour to go with the rest of the tote. I love it. Can't wait to see it all put together!

  4. cute improv blocks! Inspiration!

  5. hi Jess!!!! I can't wait to meet you toooooooo :) And pet that beautiful medallion quilt you're bringing along to work on, lol.

  6. I hope the retreat is a huge success! Good luck to you all, and I know NJMQG will be there with you next time.

  7. Have fun, Jess!!!!!!!! I'm off to Portsmouth NH for a quilting retreat this weekend, too... my to do list is VERY ambitious, especially if I do all that eating, chatting, shopping that I have planned like you. Here's to really wonderful weekends!


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