Monday, March 31, 2014

Quilty Bucket List

I've already started number 1 on my "quilty bucket list" - an original medallion quilt - but I thought it would be fun to make this list for reference, especially when I'm craving inspiration (they are listed at random). Also, today's the last day to link up your quilty bucket list with The Tilted Quilt! It's been fun clicking around blogland to see I'm not the only one who wants to make a kajillion quilts and keep most of them. :D

1. A selvage bookcase quilt. I have a dream of organizing all my selvages in color order to look like books... we'll see. I'm still working that one out. Selvages are like a gift from the fabric gods. I save up to an inch of fabric on each one, and now my huge basket is actually overflowing... like, they won't even stay on top of the pile! This is a huuuuge problem in an apartment already overflowing with craft supplies and mini quilts. Just keeping it real here.

2. A sun/moon quilt. I sketched out an idea a few months ago but I haven't gotten around to it. Just one of those quilts that won't go away.

3. An entirely paper pieced quilt, like this gorgeous one from Freshly Pieced^^.

4. A quilt of crosses - wonky or Greek - or both at some point.

Ikat quilt for Color Intensive

5. This Ikat quilt from Rachel @ Stitched in Color^^ is pretty stunning. <3 I'd like to change the colors a bit for my version... but this would be the closest I get to do a scrappy trip-a-long quilt.

Arkansas Traveler Quilt

6. An Arkansas Traveler's quilt. I love this one^^ from Fresh Lemon Quilts.

7. A supernova quilt.

8. An Irish Chain quilt. Possibly double. Possibly modernized.

9. A color wheel quilt on neutrals.

10. A double wedding ring quilt - one day. One day.

11. An all - x-plus quilt, like this beauty from Bijou Lovely^^. Next to churn dashes, these are my favorite blocks!

12. A ticker tape quilt. Like, have you seen this amazingness^^ from Val @ PinkPlease?!

13. I'd love to do a series of mini quilts that play with color combinations. Maybe a project for the summer?

What has top billing on your quilty bucket list?


  1. Ahhh, there are so many off of my bucket list on your bucket list! I am determined to make a double wedding ring this year. And an Irish chain. And I have already printed the patterns for an Arkansas traveller. Which also must get done this year... ;-)
    E xx

  2. You bucket list is at least as long as mine! I'm thinking about playing with solids this year. I have some Kona Cotton FQ packs that I'm dying to dive into - just trying to finish up a few UFOs before I get too buried underneath them! All those quilts sound like fun and I'll be paying attention to see how they are coming along.

  3. It's fun seeing what is on your list. I really want to make a super nova quilt too. And I want to make another big ticker tape quilt. And I only just recently started saving selvedges, but look forward to making something with them!

  4. That ticker tape quilt is amazing. One more item for my bucket list! Funny, no matter how many quilts I make, the list never gets shorter. How is that possible? Double wedding ring and double Irish chain are on my list too.

  5. Beautiful list - worthy of the name bucket list!! So many gorgeous projects, hard to even know where to start! Thank you so much for playing along with us, it was a blast!


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