Wednesday, March 19, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Medallion Edition Part 1

This weekend, I finally started my medallion quilt, which I've been designing for the better part of two months! I cut into my (preeeeciousssss) (yes, I'm a HUGE Lord of the Rings fan, got a problem?) Anna Maria Horner stash and some favorite low volume fabrics (oh yes, AND those Pearl Bracelets).

It started with a ribbon star from Fresh Lemon Quilts (a great tutorial!). I also considered this star as an option. Then, it grew to some geese-like (but really just HST) units (kind of light-to-dark with solids in the middle) radiating out by color. I originally intended to frame the ribbon star in a diamond (to give the illusion that it was "on point") but then I really wanted some of the AMH prints to shine (after all, that is mainly what this quilt is all about). I was more set on the "radiating out" than setting the block on point, so that's the direction I headed. This center medallion took so many hours of just fabric placement - I can't even tell you how many - but it was worth it!

Friends on IG helped me with fabric placements!

Overall, the quilt is going to be a guessing game. I'm not one to do a lot of quilty math so I'm just going to take it border-by-border and see how it goes. The next border will likely be thin and gray (Violet Craft birds?), and then I'll do a round of four AMH feathers. After that... well, you'll just have to see! However, I don't think there will be any more low-volume for a few more borders.

This quilt is really going to test me as a piecer. I have a feeling I'll need to borrow a friend's long arm to quilt it (any takers?) because it is going to be ENORMOUS when it's done. The medallion itself is over 20 x 20... I figured out I can *just* comfortably FMQ a queen size quilt on my Janome... a king size isn't going to happen. And FMQ will definitely happen! This quilt is going to be the *main* project I work on at Mid-Atlantic Mod (omg, it's only 2 weeks away!!!). More on that soon... it's almost time to start packing!

P.S. Any ideas for a medallion name? I'm close to just calling it "the Jess Medallion" so it has something, lol.

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  1. What about "Party Boxes"? The center looks like confetti exploding from opened boxes to me (ok, maybe I have a vivid imagination). .. . They are lovely colors.

  2. "What hasss it got in its pocketsesss?" I'd call it One Quilt to Rule them All.,..

  3. I love it, and I can't wait to see it in person! :)

  4. Love this! You've made a great start!

  5. It's lovely so far! I really hope I can start on my medallion quilt by summer, after working on Ashley's I just have the bug now--it was so fun! I really like the playing it by ear, and figuring each border as I went. I can't wait to see what you do with yours! And quilting it on a long arm will be so fun! le sigh, how I wish I had one...

  6. It looks fantastic!! I'm a big amh fan too. You should call it the preeeecioussss medallion!

  7. It looks great! I've always wanted to make one myself, but never got around to it.

  8. Stunning! This has turned out great.

  9. Lovin' this! What a fabulous start! You did choose the most perfect fabrics. Can't wait to see what you do next!

  10. Great start -- maybe it's too early to dub it with a "name"?

  11. I love that cute little low volume scissor print! This is coming along lovely, Jess. Enjoy working with so many of your favorites!


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