Thursday, May 30, 2013

The wall hanging that finally made it onto the wall

I don't know why I procrastinate with stuff like this (maybe because it's easy?). I finished Facets of Emerald in March (P.S. last day to vote for it in the Blogger's Quilt Festival, #30 in the wall hanging category!) and have finally hung it in my living room. We also have our new blue trellis rug (which I LOVE!). Seriously... I'm more than a little obsessed with it.

 And there's all my quilt tops/WIPS piled on the chair, as well as Argyled on the couch!

Decorating this room in blue and green so far has been the perfect choice because the colors are so calming. We spend most of our time in this room (it's where both of our desks are located, as well as my sewing table), so it's fitting. It's really starting to feel like a home :)

I was all set to hang the quilt in the dining room, actually, but we still need to get curtains in there for the sliding doors (the light in there is IMPOSSIBLY bright). I didn't want the quilt to discolor over time. I've made that mistake before by leave white fabric out on my sewing table in direct sunlight - I don't know how long it took to discolor, but I'll never do it again. Ever.

Anyway, I'll have more for Project Color My Apartment soon.We're actually revamping Mike's storage space (which right now is all over the apartment), and buying a big new bookcase just for me! My (very cheap) bookshelf is actually bowing, so the books need a new home ASAP (and no, I don't have anywhere else to put them!)

I mentioned the Blogger's Quilt Festival - you can also vote for Fruit Punch, #18 in the Scrap Quilt category. Thanks for your support if you so choose to vote! No matter what, I'm looking forward to seeing the winners tomorrow.

I'm filing this post in Project Color My Apartment under Living Room.


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  1. All the quilts in your first pic are looking quite wonderful in your living room and I love how you hung your emerald quilt!


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