Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Block sewing and a quilting sneak peek

When I started sewing 3 years ago, I was never really into the "quilt block" thing. Maybe it was too traditional in my mind - not that that's bad at all - but I had these grand ideas for quilts (see my finished quilts to see what I mean).

Now, I'm a tad obsessed with blocks. I've even started designing them... *gasp*! Plus, this year, I decided I needed to perfect some techniques. Which is why I joined the Sister's Ten BOM at Gen X Quilters.

Here's my May block. I'm all caught up! *If* I have some extra time this month (ha) I might make the second block. For now, I'm seeing how it goes, and I'll catch up with extra blocks at the end of the year... yes, that's probably not smart, but it works for now :)

I also made quite a big, nontraditional block for Quilts for Boston. I love the color scheme they chose (blue, yellow, gray, white). I'm bringing it to the CJMQG meeting a week from now to hand in.

Speaking of the CJMQG, our mini quilt swap in analogous compliment color schemes is coming up... and I finished quilting tonight... GUYS. I can't wait to share the whole thing with you.

I used this tutorial over at Petit Design Co. for the quilting. I've been learning so much with my walking foot lately, it's been unreal. Seriously. Unreal.

Crazy Mom Quilts


  1. The circles are really awesome!

    That's wonderful that you are learning,learning,learning. It's that teacher inside you lol

  2. Love your block for Quilts for Boston! Such a great project and glad they are doing something we can all contribute to. Great circles too!

  3. Jess. Jess. Jess! That mini quilt. Omg. share already! I can't wait to see this. I love your Boston block! I have got to get on mine! Amazing.

  4. wow you have been busy. your quilt blocks are great - i think it's your color combo that makes them feel more modern and not so traditional. guess this means i need to invest in a walking foot? :) beauitful job - esp like your boston block!

  5. Thanks for this post! I am finishing my 1st baby circle quilt. I sat here thinking, how am I going to quilt this(I'm a fairly new quilter and can only use my walking foot thus far)...I will try to incorporate these circles in there somehow :)

  6. Love the sister's ten blocks on grey! And the circle quilting is really great!

  7. I can relate in some small way. I have been introduced to the charm of English Paper Piecing and am making a bag using a pattern. Yesterday in my LQS (where I take quilting and embroidery classes), I was looking at all the pre-cuts for EPP. The store owner commented that I needed a pattern before I could decide what I needed to buy! I nearly said, " I need what?" LOL
    Since I started making quilts, I have hardly followed a pattern and certainly not for any quilt I have made (although I did follow Elizabeth Hartmann's tutorial for making blocks for my second quilt)!


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