Sunday, May 5, 2013

May Goal

It finally came in the mail. Not that shipping was slow, but I've been waiting for it since the moment I clicked "buy," and even before that.

I finally bought some AMH Field Study Linen from Pink Castle Fabrics. This fabric is SO ME - purple and bright colors, whimsical/unique... it's perfect. And it is the COOLEST texture. Which is why a conversation took place here early last week:

Me: *what can I make with that linen? Hmm... you know what, my laptop case, though pretty, purple, and hexagony, is stained, super old, and the zipper doesn't work at all...*

"Mike, I'm going to buy some fabric to make a new laptop cover."

Mike: "Okay..."

Me: "My other one is broken! And the fabric is really durable and you're going to love how it feels!"

Plus, there was a 20% off sale going on for all items... so you really can't beat that. I made sure to mention that. Justification.

Yesterday, when the package came:
Mike: "That looks like a lot more than just laptop sleeve material! Are you making one for me, too?"

Ha, ha, ha. If I'm going to pay for shipping, I'm going to stock up on some basics in the sale section.

So, anyway, my May goal is to make this laptop sleeve. I don't want to deal with zippers anymore - I'll probably sew a flap to the top. I might use this tutorial, or more likely, this one. OR, this one. I keep finding possibilities and want to share, in case anyone else is thinking of doing the same. I'll report back on how much more I love this linen after I've worked with it (and I bought a whole yard so I'll have extra to do with as I please :D)

A Lovely Year of Finishes
Plum and June --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

This week is state testing but lesson plans and grading are in full swing. I'll be back later (tonight or tomorrow) to share my Sew Mama Sew Giveaway!


  1. I think you need to make one for Mike too! Maybe he would like one in hot pink and lime green.

  2. Haha we probably pushed "purchase" on our Pink Castle shopping carts at the same time...I just got my order yesterday :)

  3. Not fair you got some Field Study......................I mean good for you for getting the fabric you really adore! hehehehehe

    Hope it comes out wonderfully!

  4. LOVE that fabric, and I love convos like that with husbands :) Ps. I've basically stared at all of those sale fabrics too - especially that purple. siiiiigh!

  5. Oh so pretty! And the texture is just so good! I keep patting mine :o)

  6. Dropped by from P&J, gorgeous fabrics that'll make a fab cover, looking forward to watching it progress :)

  7. nice stash builders, and that linen is gorgeous! I can't wait to see your finished laptop sleeve :)

  8. Looking forward to seeing your new laptop case ... :) Pat

  9. Oh I love the new fabric ! Reminds me I need to do some shopping myself ..* checks to make sure hubbys not looking **

  10. My thoughts exactly re: shipping/filling up your cart!

  11. IT is a very quirky fabric -- can't wait to see what you do with it!

    BTW, are you going to make Mike a sleeve too?


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