Monday, May 27, 2013

FMQ Tension Problem #573

I started quilting rainbows on my wedding quilt today! La de da. Having fun. So happy it's coming out somewhat normal.

Then, I finish the bottom row and I see the stitches just aren't happening on the back of the quilt...

Rethread my machine - still does it. Replace bobbin - still does it (now, I'm using a practice quilt sandwich).

Lesson learned: constantly check the back of the quilt after FMQing, to prevent using my best friend, the seam ripper, for 20 minutes of valuable sewing time... rar! I will figure this out...

Otherwise, we had a wonderful Memorial Day. I did some shopping, hung out with a friend and the fam later, and thought about how much I appreciate our soldiers.

I even hung up Facets of Emerald today - I'll get pictures soon! Ah!

Hoping everyone else also had a weekend full of productivity and family!


  1. My seam ripper has gotten a LOT of use in the last week! I always try to test out the thread and tension on a scrap quilt first, but sometimes the tension still goes all wonky on me!

  2. YEah..thread tensions also give me tension.. It seams that your lower bobbin is too tight or you upper one is too loose.. Sometime the thread just need re-threading and the machine just need a bit of clean. That's what I normally do.. and poof magically it comes back.

  3. Argh! Feel for you jess, I swear it take longer to rip FMQ than actually do it!

  4. Why can't the eyelashes be in? I hate seam ripping! I had the same problem and it was the bobbin tension.

  5. I hope you will share with us the source of these issues and your resolution. I always have issues like this and struggle to figure out how to fix biggest problem is having messy starting stitches.

  6. Slow down and tighten the tension on your upper thread or loosen your bobbin tension. At least eyelashes/train tracks are easy to frog! The biggest problem with quilting with your DSM is going too fast in the curves, so slowing down will help some, but it also looks like your tension is off a bit. Practice sandwiches are always helpful!

  7. What the heck?! Was something in the air messing with FMQ tension this weekend??? I was almost in tears when my tension went bonkers while quilting a deadline quilt this weekend. Hope you are back in business soon!!


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