Friday, October 26, 2012

Introducing: Sewing Confrontations - A November Blog Series at Quilty Habit

*My 2nd Blogaversary Giveaway ends on Mon., 10/29!*

About a month ago, I started one of my secret Christmas presents, and I realized I was making a silly mistake. I went on to challenge myself to do the best I could possibly do, by changing my technique... and I improved immensely (this is intentionally vague because there is more to come :) ).

Then, I thought: wouldn't it be cool if a bunch of bloggers challenged themselves to try something new and/or improve a sewing technique? And if I came up with an awesome title? So, "Sewing Confrontations" was born (hence the sparring needles). Especially because our hobby is one that is usually considered sedentary (though I would argue with anyone about how much sweat it takes to put a quilt together), I thought the title was perfect. I hope that readers will be inspired to try something new and/or improve their own sewing techniques... and share!

Every Friday in November, there will be a post on one of the participating blogs, discussing the personal challenge, the project (can be big or small, finished or unfinished), and the aftermath (there will also be a post here on Quilty Habit). On the last Friday and day of the month (Nov. 30), there will be a link up here, to share your sewing confrontation from November... and one (possibly two) will be randomly chosen to win fabric (incentive to try something!)

Here's the list of bloggers - some are my friends from the internet, while others are also real-life friends from the Central Jersey Modern Quilt Guild :)
Kickoff: Friday, Nov. 2: Jess at Quilty Habit (right here!) - Accurate Cutting
Nov. 9: Rebecca at Sew Festive Handmade - The 1/4 Inch Seam
Nov. 16: Val at PinkPlease! - Ruffles
Nov. 23: Rachel at Let's Begin Sewing... - English Paper Piecing

Nov. 30: DOUBLE POST: Katie at Swim, Bike, Quilt - Sewing with Knits
Kristina at Ornamental Confectionary - Making Pants
*AND link up at Quilty Habit!

So, are you excited? I am!


  1. Great minds must think alike! I am taking a break checking email while I "confront" something new for me. I used a LOT (for me) white on the top of a Christmas quilt and I pieced a back (a first) with a LOT of white (for me) down the center. When I came up with this brillant idea, I didn't give a single moment's thought as to how I would quilt it. Now, I'm struggling through changing colors, not changing colors, switching styles and just "accepting." So I'm doing my fair of "confronting" in Dallas, Texas today!

  2. I'm sorry I missed your deadline and that my emails didn't communicate what I was trying to say! Am happy to join in but it's probably too late! Hope you get lots of visitors to this series! It certainly sounds, well, challenging!


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