Wednesday, October 24, 2012

WIP Wednesday: My "Get 'er Done" List

It's come to a time when I actually need a "get 'er done" list for the end of the year. I'm sure I'll be adding things on, but I need to actually write them down, so I figured, what better way than my blog? Most have self-imposed deadlines, because that's how I work best. :)

 New sewing space!

1. All of a sudden, I need to make a Slytherin (Harry Potter) tie for my little sis (I love her but GEE THANKS!) She literally asked me two days ago... but how can I refuse one of my favorite people in the world part of her Halloween costume? (on that note, anyone know any good tie patterns)?
Due 10/31/12

2. Coasters for our new coffee table - this will be easy to finish once of the rest of the supplies get here via mail, hopefully this week!
Due 11/01/12

3. Curtains for my kitchen! FINALLY!
Due 11/15/12

4. Sew quilt backing of wedding quilt together; baste and quilt (I need to decide on the quilting for that one, and that will actually be difficult. Probably both machine and hand).
Due 12/01/12

5. 2 Christmas gifts, soon to be discussed.
Due 12/7/12

6. Mom's quilt  - curves. Lots of curves. Guess who has learned she's not good at sewing with curves? I need pins... lots of pins. At the piecing stage - don't have any good pictures yet (I'll work on that).
Due 12/24/12

7. Niece's butterfly quilt and accompanying block tutorial - I'm in LOVE with all the colors that this quilt uses, and I'm at the piecing stage here, too.
Due 1/05/13

8.  Make a quilt THIS WINTER with these winnings (plans in the works) ("Brr" by Laurie Wisbrun):

Whew. I feel like I'm missing a few things. So much going on! Do you have a "get 'er done" list, too?


  1. Oh I just love those polar bears! I really should find me some of those! That is one heck of a list! Good luck with crossing it off...

  2. I think you have enough in the pipeline with out adding more! ;-)

  3. Wow, you do have your hands full. I get tired just reading about all you have to do. I know you'll do it though!

  4. All are lovely but I really like the wedding quilt. So colorful!

  5. Wow you are spinning your wheels and making some progress!! The wedding quilt is so beautiful:)

  6. Hey not sure if you've seen this post but maybe it can give you some help with your curves.

  7. Erin, Thank you!! It's really ironic that you sent this last night because just a couple of hours before I had found it and pinned it so I remembered to look when I tackle the project again!

  8. I keep such a list on Pinterest--and then look at it as little as possible, lol. I love that polar bear fabric


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